How to Unlock PUBG Mobile Companion in Season 7 for Free [100% Working]

Unlock PUBG Mobile Companion for Free

Finally, PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.5 has launched on 16th May 2019 and today on 17th May the Royal Pass Season 7 is Available. But you will see the Companion is still not available. But don’t worry here I am going to tell you how to unlock PUBG Mobile Companion in this Season 7.

Before we talk About Companion if you want to know about the PUBG Mobile New Update then follow the useful links given below.

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How to Unlock PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON:

PUBG Mobile Companion is a Bird named Falcon. And PUBG Mobile has just used a simple common sense that how birds are born. That means Falcon will unlock from an Egg, you just have to find the Nest and Hatch one Egg to get the Falcon “Your PUBG Mobile Companion”.

Unlock PUBG Mobile Companion
PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON

First of all, a very big thanks to YT channel; where I got these screenshots to share with you guys and also have shared a video from the YouTube Channel you can watch the video is below.

Where to find Falcon Eggs?

So you can find those nest on Location below:

  1. Hill near Novo in Erangle Map
  2. Cave in Sanhok Map
  3. Church in Pochinki in Erangle Map
  4. On Top of the Crane/Tower in Gorgo in Erngle Map

Note: This Falcon is limited for one Match only once you leave the match this companion will be gone. You need to Hatch This Falcon in every Match.

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This is not over yet Because Permanent Companion has not come yet but if you want to use and experience the Falcon Bird then you can follow these process.

Wait till the Permanent Companion comes till then just visite those places and enjoy your Companion.

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