Livik the Secret Map in PUBG Mobile Releasing Now

Finally, we got the name, Livik the Secret Map in PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta update is available to play from the last 15 days to all of us. But the name was released yesterday on the PUBG Mobile official Twitter account.

The Livik is not Erangel 2.0 but its combination of Erangel+Sanhok+Vikendi+Miramar. To know more and Explore this map you can download the 0.19 Beta Update now.

Livik the Secret Map:

Exactly a month ago that is on 23rd May 2020 the PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta update was ready to download for us. In this game, a new map was seen but the name was given as Secret Map. But now we have the original name of this Secret map Livik Map revealed Yesterday on 25th June on Twitter.

PUBG Mobile Secret Map

I know we all are waiting for Erangel 2.0 and it has been confirmed by some Youtubers that Erangel 2.0 has been launched in PUBG Mobile Chines Version that is in Game for Peace.

This is a good sign that we are going to see the new Erangel in the next update or in upcoming updates. But before that, the Beta update leak shows we may get this Livik the Secret Map in our game in Global version.

I personally waiting for the Livik Map because we already have played the Erangel map for a long time and the specialties in Livik map is its combination of all 4 maps.

If you have checked from last week a Map is showing in the Erangel Spawn Island, I think this is part of Livik Snow Map or this might be a new Arcade Mode Map in PUBG Mobile

Secret Map in Spawn Island

Secrets in the Livik Map:

  • Special Locations
  • Vegetation Graphics
  • Vehicles
  • New Guns

If we get this Livik the Secret Map in PUBG Mobile Global 0.19 Update then this map will come along with some Secret and Special locations like Waterfall with Physics (if you stay in the water then the flow of water will carry along with it). Some special locations like new buildings, and all you can play in one map – Grass, Sand, and Snow.

The Vegetation Graphics is quite similar to the upcoming Erangel 2.0 Map and the grass is inspired by the combination of Erangel and Sanhok, not so big and not too small.

If we talk about some Special Vehicles in Livik then you must try the Monster Truck that is unbeatable while driving on-road or off-road. This truck can even pass through broken walls of Pochinki, must try!!.

Mosnter Truck

Now you can see one Gun in the image above along with the Monster Truck. The gun that I have aimed towards the Truck is named as SPAS 12 –  New Shotgun AR. This is similar to S12K, but it comes with an attached suppressor, you can try it in the beta version.

That’s it about the New Secret Map if you have your team ready for the tournament then Register today for PMCO 2020 hurry up the last date is 12th July 2020.