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What is Code Falcon in PUBG Mobile (Ends on 23 May)

What is Code Falcon

As per the News PUBG Mobile has just released its new Update V 0.12.5 on 16th May 2019. In this Update, we have seen lots of new items and glitches. If you have seen some new glitch or bug let us know in the comment box and we will post it on our social channel. The most interesting fact of PUBG Mobile new Update 0.12.5 is the Companion bird name, Falcon. All of us are waiting for the bird to come, and PUBG Mobile is might working on it.

They just released a notification image if you have seen while you start your PUBG Mobile Game. That Image says Code: Falcon ends on 23 May.

Me and My Friend With Code: Falcon

Me and My Friend With Code: Falcon

If you are here to know what does that image with Code: Falcon Means then you are in the right place. But if you are not aware of the PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.5 that just rolled out then follow the link below.

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What is Code Falcon Ends on 23 May?

Actually, the CODE Falcon is nothing but Temporary Falcon in the Game. If you are not aware of Temporary Falcon that is, you can unlock the Falcon for One Match. That is by visiting some places in PUBG Mobile and Fetch the Egg to play with the Falcon during the Classic Mode Match. This Message that you can see on the Game Screen when you just open the game is also Spreading the Same Message.

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PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON

PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON

They are challenging you that if you are a pro player then you can find the Falcon Egg and fetch. This Event of Finding the Nest of Falcon and Getting it for one day may be ending on 23rd May as per the Message in the image. This message also means that we can get the permanent Falcon Bird after 23rd May.

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There are two reasons for this. One is this Image showing that Temporary Falcon event will End on 23rd May and you will not get to see the Nest after that. And another reason may be the Godzilla Crossover with PUBG Mobile. The Movie Godzilla is Releasing on 31st May 2019 and For that PUBG Mobile is planning some interesting things for us.

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