Following the crises in between China and India PUBG Mobile is continuously becoming a hot topic in India. The news Regarding PUBG Mobile banned in India is trending once a month.

The recent baned on 47 Chinese apps by the Indian government pointed the next 275 apps that are under watch by the government authorities that also include PUBG Mobile game.

Internet today is totally flooded with PUBG Mobile banned in India queries and a list of Chinese apps banned in India today.

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But for now, till 28th July 2020, the PUBG Mobile game is safe, that is PUBG Mobile is not banned in India.!!

First of all, I don’t think PUBG Mobile is a Chinese app and is controlled by China; as a PUBG game is developed by Korean company but as it also partnered with the Chinese gaming company Tencent Games Indian government will look further into it.


The first list of 59 Chinese apps banned in India along with TikTok was shared earlier and now in the second list of 47 Chinese apps banned now are yet to be officially declared but this 47 apps list does not contain the name of PUBG Mobile game.


The image showed below is kind of circulated on the internet and social media about “PUBG Mobile banned in India” is totally fake and outdated too. First, you can check the date on the notice and if there is any such case that had happened then PUBG Mobile is so popular game that media would have featured this news.

Fake PUBG Mobile Ban in India Notice

These 47 apps mainly contain the secondary or light version of those apps banned in the first list for eg: TikTok lite, Tiktok Lite, Helo Lite, SHAREit Lite, BIGO LIVE Lite, etc.

What if PUBG Mobile banned in India?

Due to the border crises, National security has become a major issue for India now. As we all know the Chinese Government has lost trust due to this Coronavirus Pandemic situation. And now the border issues in between India vs China made it worse.


This is not the only reason India may ban PUBG Mobile game but the continuously coming up complaints from parents and the news that hitting mental states of players may give the reason to the government to ban PUBG Mobile in India as Pakistan government banned PUBG.

Why India is so concern about Chinese Apps?


Answer: In China, the National Intelligence Law of 2017 governs all tech companies that are based in China or are under Chinese ownership. The law mandates all businesses to share any and all information that the Chinese Government may ask for. This is something that is worrying governments around the world, including India. news18

What if PUBG Mobile gets ban in India?


Answer: If PUBG Mobile gets ban in India it will adversely affect the majority of the Indian Gaming community over YouTube. Those who have made and are making their income using PUBG Mobile including me will get affected.

Ignoring this I don’t think there is any bad thing that can happen if the PUBG Mobile game gets banned in India.

Pros and Cons of PUBG Mobile get Ban in India:

If the PUBG Mobile banned in India, then it will not only affect China but also will affect India in some terms. I will share some good things and bad things that are possible after PUBG Mobile banned in India.


Good things that may happen:

  • Indian People will get lots of free time if they don’t play PUBG.
  • Indian Gaming will community will move towards a new game.
  • Depression and suicide due to PUBG Mobile may get decreased/increased

Bad Things that may happen:

  • Income sources for Indian Gamers and bloggers will get shut down (those depending on PUBG)
  • People may get diverted to PUBG PC or PUBG PC Lite
  • Don’t know how Addicted People will react to this.
  • Indian Mobile companies may get into a loss. (especially PUBG featured Mobile Companies)
  • Youth may get disturbed (especially those who are earing from PUBG Mobile).