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What is PUBG Mobile EZ Mission License – Get EZ Mission for Free!

What is PUBG Mobile EZ Mission License 

PUBG Mobile Season 6 is going to end on 16th May 5 AM IST. And New Season 7 is Coming up on 17th May 2019. Season 7 has lots of new things and some update that was expected to come in season 6 are releasing now. One big update is PUBG Mobile EZ Mission License (pronounce it as EZee License).

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This Challenge Makes PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Challenges more easy to complete and before the time. You can buy this Challenge pass from Season 7 onwards. You can buy the EZ Mission License worth 300UC in PUBG Mobile.  You can buy this Challenge pass for 50% Discount in Season 8 that is for 150UC.

You can Get Free EZ Mission License if you by it consecutively up to 2 seasons. That is if you buy this Pass from season 7 and season 8 then you will get free EZ Mission License Pass for free in Season 9

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EZ Mission License

How This License Work:

EZ Mission License is one more simple key for paid RP Players. Making Mission easy to complete for them and before the time. When you buy this License you will get early access to the upcoming week challenges in RP Challenge.

You will get 2 Free Skip challenge pass (blue color RP Cards) to skip any difficult challenge every week. Once you reach week 8 there will be no compilation to complete for those who buy EZ

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3 Perks (Level) in EZ Mission License:

Perk 1: – You will get Access to next week challenge. That is if you are in week 1 then you can complete the week 2 challenge also.

Perk 2:- You will get 2 Mission Cards (Blue Color RP Cards) Starting from week 1. You can complete any mission in that week using those cards. But You need to use those cards in the same week or they will get expired in next week.

Perk 3:- You Can skip all 10 challenges in Week 8 Challenges and directly Unlock the final chest before the season ends.


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