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Free Gun Skin Using PUBG Mobile Guncraft Paint

If you want to know how I got my Free DIY S12K skin using PUBG Mobile Guncraft Paint then stay tuned here. The PUBG Mobile has added one new feature where anybody can customize their own DIY Skin design for their Gun.

As this feature is new so only 2 Guns are available in the Guncraft, where S12k is free to customize for all. If you want to customize the SCAR-L then you need to unlock it using UC.

To unlock the Free DIY S12k Skin I used a total of 58 Paints and Got one new skin for free that is designed by me. See the image below.

My DIY S12K Sikin

How to use PUBG Mobile Guncraft Paint?

If you have lots of UC then you can use the Guncraft Spin feature to get some extra Guncraft Paints and other Color and Texture that can be used to Paint the Gun. 

I am going to share my personal story How I created one Simple S12k DIY Skin and unlocked it using PUBG Mobile Guncraft Paint.

PUBG Mobile Guncraft Paint

Step 1: You will need a minimum of 60 Paints. I have collected them through Daily Free Guncraft Spin. (That is not available now)

Step 2: Click on the Workshop option in Lobby then go to Guncraft

Go to Guncraft option

Step 3: Add 1 S12k Gun to the new Layout available for free.

S12k Guncraft New Layout

Step 4: Click on the Guncraft option and You will see some Unlocked Colors for Gun and Stickers called Emblem.

Create your own Emblem in PUBG Mobile Guncraft

Step 5: You have to create your custom Emblem to gun craft without UC. I have used one Blue Square and Yellow Circle on my S12K gun.

PUBG Mobile Guncraft using Paints

Final Step: Once you create everything you will see one final amount of Guncraft Paint that you need to use to Purchase your DIY Gun. I spent a total of 58 Paints for the Gun you see here.

What it cost= Guncraft Color + Emblem

58 Paints = 48 Paints +10 Paints