PUBG Mobile Unranked Classic Event – Protect Your Ranking

Now you can protect Your Tier Ranking before Season 14 by Playing PUBG Mobile Unranked Classic Event Daily from 7th July to 13th July before the Season 14 Royale Pass is launched.

This Unranked Classic Event in PUBG Mobile will show your upcoming Tier Ranking for S14. And also show you some Daily Missions so that you can gain points and Protect your Tier Ranking.

What is Unranked Classic Event?

This event will continue till 21st July 2020 and till 14th July a 7 Days, Warm-up mission list is given. Complete daily missions and gain the Points.

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Your Current Tier position will not be affected by playing in this mode. You can play in this mode by following these steps given below:

Step 1: Choose Mode and start Playing. The map will be chosen randomly and matching will start.

PUBG Mobile Unranked Classic Event Matching

Step 2: Check Mission before start Matching, and Play accordingly. No Mission or Points will be kept saved.

PUBG Mobile Unranked Classic Event - Missions

Watch this video for better understanding:

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