How to Live Stream on YouTube? PUBG and Similar Games

Live Stream on YouTube

4.5 / 5 ( 21 votes ) Now a day the Gaming world is evolving in India along with Western Countries and so the craze to do a live stream on Youtube. Earlier Gaming channels were only liked and shared in Western Countries. Because of lifestyle change and technology made the Internet available at cheap … Read more

PUBG Mobile Best DMRs Guide – Which one is better to use

PUBG Mobile Best DMRs

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Another Weapon category in PUBG Mobile. As we discussed the Best AR combination and SMG too, how can we forget the PUBG Mobile Best DMRs? DMRs Stands for “Designed Marksman Rifles” These Rifles are not Fully AR, not Fully Snipers. But You can use them as a sniper … Read more

PUBG Mobile Best Sniper-  Which Sniper is best in Battle Ground

PUBG Mobile Best Sniper

In PUBG Mobile there are around 4 Types of Sniper Rifles. But not all of them are actually PUBG Mobile Best Sniper to use in any match. Some of them are rare to find and some are easy to find on any map. As you can see I have given you the list of all … Read more

PUBG Mobile Best SMG Guide – Which SMG is Best

PUBG Mobile Best SMG

PUBG Mobile Best SMG: At Current time there are 4 SMG Guns in PUBG Mobile. Ultimately The SMG either uses 0.45 Ammo or 9MM Ammo. These are a one-handed gun that needs less handling power and has fewer recoil lets discuss PUBG Mobile Best SMG. The SMG Guns hits Less Damage to the enemy than … Read more

PUBG Mobile Best Shotgun-  Which Shotgun is best in Battle Ground?

PUBG Mobile Best Shotgun

PUBG Mobile Battle is crucial sometimes because You do not find any better gun to fight with the enemy in the initial phase. But in this case, PUBG Mobile Best Shotgun can help you to fight with your enemy. Sometimes if you have played the Arcade mode then you have seen the Shotgun is the … Read more

PUBG Mobile Best Pistol-  Which Pistol is best Among 8 Pistol

PUBG Mobile Best Pistol

You are reading this article that means you don’t need any PUBG Mobile Introduction. But how about if I tell you to do Pistol Challenge in PUBG Mobile. Then which is the PUBG Mobile Best Pistol that you would like to choose? Confused? Don’t worry continue reading and let’s see which pistol is best in … Read more