PUBG Mobile Patch Note 0.18.0 – Release Date, Updates, and Royale Pass

The PUBG Mobile Update of Patch Note 0.18.0 Beta Version is already out and I have shared the details with you. You can check out the Beta Update link from Menue

It is assumed that the PUBG Mobile Update Patch Note 0.18.0 will release on 7th May 2020 with the Royale Pass Season 13. But the RP Season 12 will end on 11th May 2020 and then the next season will unlock.

Here is an announcement, have you participated in the Royale Pass Giveaway? We are going to announce the Winner soon; once the PUBG Mobile Update is online.

PUBG Mobile Patch Note 0.18 Official Trailer:

Ash per this Video: According to the Teaser Released on 27th April 2020, The Vending Machine is about to launch. Whereas in PUBG PC Game you can spend the in-game coins and get some extra boosters through this vending machine.

The best/worst part of this Vending Machine is you can not use it roughly it will make a sound of an alarm and reveal your Position, or may blast like a vehicle.

Expected Updates from Patch Note 0.18:

  • Miramar 2.0 Map
  • EvoGround – Safety Scramble Mode
  • Jungle Adventure Mode
  • New Social Function- Cheer Park
  • New Results Screen
  • New Achievements

Everything is Explained in the PUBG Mobile Beta Version article please go and read it here – Beta Update 0.18

Miramar 2.0 Map:

Some Graphic Changes Made in the Miramar Map, with visual updates like sand storms will appear during the Gameplay.

Safety Scramble Mode:

This mode is similar to PUBG PC BlueZone Mode, Here if luck by chance you get in the middle of the 2nd Safe zone circle, then there will be another blue zone circle at the center that will appear and create damage to you.

This will make the Safe zone just look like a tier shape, which means you will see the blue zone at both the inner and outer sides of the Safe Zone.

Jungle Adventure Mode:

This might be similar to the 2nd Anniversary in-game events, I hope this will be launched in the Sanhok map. I think PUBG Mobile is trying to attract more players towards the other map rather than just Erangel Map.

Other Updates:

The Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Screen will be updated with a new theme, also some new achievements will be added. PUBG Mobile will also try to optimize some Bugs as always.

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