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PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON Arrival in Season 7 Update

PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON in Season 7:

Hello Friends, As we all know this is Last week that is the 8th week of PUBG Mobile Season and its time for a new update now. The PUBG Mobile new Update V 12.0.5 is on its way with lots of new things. Some Attractions are PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON, New Gun SKORPION.

Some of the other attractions are as follows:

  • Real Chicken Dinners is to come.
  • Warfare Theme and Costume
  • Doped Skins of AKM and KAR98
  • Male Voice in Quick Chat

pubg season 7 leaks Pro

And Much More interesting things are coming up in this update in New Season 7

What is PUBG Mobile Companion FALCON?

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This Companion update was expected to release in the last PUBG Mobile Update 12.0 but due to some technical issues and Time limitation, it was not possible. But now it is ready to be released in PUBG Season 7. Actually, the Companion is a bird named FALCON, and you can unlock it and it will stay up with you during the gameplay.

You need to feed that companion to upgrade so it could get bigger in size, to feed it you need to play and earn the FALCON food.

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There is not much work for FALCON during the Match it just there with you in every condition, whether you are solo, duo or Squad. Just like a Partner, FALCON will be there to entertain you and give you company.

How to Unlock and Hide FALCON from Enemy:

It might Possible that you will get the FALCON in the start of Season 7 but I think PUBG Mobile will give it to you on your RP collection. Unlike other Emotes and skins if FALCON needs to unlock some RP then you need to achieve the Level and unlock it.

This Falcon will not be visible to any enemy the same as the Laser insight is not visible. But it might possible that you will get an option whether to show it to you Squad or not.

Just play the Game and Feed your Companion and Enjoy the company with FALCON. Best luck!

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