PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta Update | A Secret Map

I hope you are enjoying the Toy Themed PUBG Mobile 0.18 Update. If not try this PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta Update that is available to download on Android and iOS devices both.

This PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta Update leak has been given on the official tweeter, A new Secret Map is coming up but it’s not the Erangel 2.0. Something new is coming that is different from the PUBG PC game.

The Secret Map name is no more Secret – It is Livik check out what is special about Livik the Secret Map

New Secret Map in PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta Update
New Secret Map in PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta Update

List of items from PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta version:

  • A Secret Map – 2×2 Map
  • SPAS 12 –  New Shotgun AR
  • P90 in Classic Mode
  • New vehicle – Monster Truck
  • Secret Chests in Game.
  • Auto Enemy Marker and Much more to come

What New in PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta Update?

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The Secret Map in PUBG Mobile:

The 2×2 Secret Map is coming up in the next PUBG Mobile Update and the leaks are already given in the PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta Update. You can download the game and enjoy it.

PUBG Mobile Secret Map
PUBG Mobile Secret Map

The name of this map is not given till now but it includes all maps with enhanced graphics. Like you will experience Desert, Ice, sanhok, and Erangel too.

SPAS 12 Shotgun:

A New Shotgun AR that is quite similar to S12k but is already suppressed and has no sound on firing. Same Damage, and Fring Ratle like S12k.

The P90 Gun:

Added this P90 Gun in Classic Mode too, now currently this gun is only available in TDM Modes. But it might be available in the next Update form PUBG Mobile 0.19 Update.

Monster Truck:

A new Vehicle similar to Monster Truck has been added in the Beta Update 0.19. This is a 4 Seater Vehicle that can be drivable on any type of road.

Mosnter Truck
Mosnter Truck

I tried to kill one enemy with it but not possible. I think the Hight of this vehicle is so big that it can not hurt the enemy.

Auto Enemy Marker:

I just love this feature, Whenever your Aim pointed to the enemy it will automatically mark as Enemy Ahead, and if you knock it down then the marker turns to Enemy Down.

I want this feature in the next update because it’s really hard to mark the enemy while taking a fight.

How to Download the PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta Game?

You can follow the steps given below to download and play the PUBG Mobile Patch note 0.18.0 Beta Apk. And you can win a chance to get the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Free just participate in the Giveaway.

Download Beta Apk for Android 1.6 GBClick Here
Download Beta Apk for iOS  2 GBDownload using Safari

Steps to Install the Beta Game:

  • Download the Game from the link above
  • Then click on the download complete notification or Go to the Download folders and click on the game APK.
  • If it asks you to allow unknown sources APK. Please go to settings and allow the Third Party Apk installation permission.
  • Now try to install the APK again and just play using guest mode or sign in with social media account.

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