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COD Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile – Which one is Better? – Who will Win?

COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile:

From Last year PUBG Mobile is really getting bigger in Fan Following and Monthly Active Playing users. But another gaming company of Call of Duty was planning the Mobile version of COD from last 6 month. The COD Mobile game was Ready but they just released Beta version this month. I think they are planning to Beat the PUBG Mobile from the day of COD Mobile is Launched. Lets us discuss the COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile.

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Call of Duty Mobile:

As we all know the World most popular Battle Gaming Company Activision has launched its Call of Duty Game Version to Mobile in May 2019. With the help of Tencent and Timi Gaming Studio COD Mobile has been launched in Beta (testing) Mode. If you have to pre-Register and your mobile is compatible then you might have got the install link from play store.



Currently, COD Mobile Beta version 1.1.0 is only for Android only. Once the testing is over COD Mobile will be launched for IOS and Android both.

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PUBG Mobile:

Everybody knows what PUBG Mobile is, this game really changed the mobile gaming world. The way players look for the future of mobile gaming is too high now as compared to 2018 and before. The main part about PUBG Mobile is Tencent directly launched original version of the game and now there are around more than 100 Million Monthly Active Players on PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Challenging PUBG Mobile is not so easy there are lots of games in the market like Fortnite and Free Fire but the only one PUBG Mobile is on the Top is just because you feel realistic in this game.

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COD Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile:

Let’s see the Advantages of COD Mobile over PUBG Mobile and Disadvantages of COD Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile. Counting the Major Factor in the last we will conclude which game will be on the Top this year.

COD Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile 1

COD Mobile is better than PUBG Mobile:

  • COD Mobile Lobby is Competitively Attractive that PUBG Mobile and it really gives the realistic feeling for now.
  • In COD Mobile has 3 Playing Modes, Zombies Mode, Multiplayer and Battle Royal. Whereas PUBG Mobile has 3 Modes Zombies Mode, Battle Royal, and Arcade Mode. The Multiplayer Mode in COD Mobile Could Affect PUBG Mobile.
  • The COD Mobile is Lag Free as per the owner and PUBG Mobile Servers Lag due to Server Load and Players Device Configuration. If this Lag issue is not solved, then may harm PUBG Mobile and will give benefit to COD Mobile.
  • COD Mobile has Multiple Weapons, Shield, Drones, Vehicles than in PUBG Mobile.
  • In COD Mobile You Can Switch TPP to FPP in Battle Mode any time but not in PUBG Mobile.

if you think any Advantage is missing in COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile; please comment below and let other readers know how COD Mobile is better than PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG Mobil is better than COD Mobile:

  • PUBG Mobile is Realistic Game you have limitation and it feels like you are really in the battleground and need to survive till the end. Where in COD Mobile it feels like you are playing the game, you can fire in and under the water also.
  • PUBG Mobile has 3 Maps over COD Mobile has only one Map and don’t know whether new Map will arise or not.
  • PUBG Mobile is unique in every part of the game, Map, Emotes, Voice Chat. Whereas COD Mobile looks like a mixture of COD PC, Fortnite, Free Fire by comparing Emotes and other parts of the game.
  • You can Fly from High Tower to lower ground in COD Mobile without any Damage. But in PUBG Mobile you need to either walk safely or jump with some health damage. I think this doesn’t feel Realistic.
  • You can play PUBG Mobile on Emulator but still COD Mobile has not announced any info.

if you think any Advantage is missing in COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile; please comment below and let other readers know how PUBG Mobile is better than COD Mobile.

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For more Easiness lets have a look over this video:

If I summarise and put my opinion then COD Mobile will be so good game in case of Graphics, Gaming, Different Items, but lose to PUBG Mobile in case of Making the Game realistic. If you are a diehard fan of COD PC and love the Gameplay then you might love COD Mobile too.

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