PUBG Mobile UC for Free – Earn 500 UC and Get 600 UC Free

Getting PUBG Mobile UC For Free is not an easy task. Either you need to spend some money, or you need to play it hard. I would like to clear one thing if you play PUBG Mobile and really love this game then it is possible to earn 1100 UC in Every Season of PUBG Mobile.

Earning PUBG Mobile UC for Free is True?

The answer is YES!! its 100% true and legit way to earn PUBG Mobile UC, but as I mentioned you either have to Pay for UC or Play hard to earn it.

You can Earn 500 UC by Playing the PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge and then to earn 600 UC you need to complete 100 RP (only for Paid RP Members)

I will share how you can earn the 1100 UC for free in 2 ways below:

  • How to Play Bonus Challenge?
  • How Complete 100 RP?

Play PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge

The PUBG Mobile bonus challenge lets you earn some Battle coins that can be converted in UC at some exchange rate of 100UC=1000BC.

How to Play Bonus Challenge and Earn 500 UC?

To play a bonus challenge you need a Bonus Challenge Voucher that is available in PUBG Mobile events now. I recently collected a total of 4 entry cards that will let me in and allow me to join the Bonus Challenge.

Don’t worry if you run out of these Vouchers, You can buy it by spending some Battle coins or UC.

1 Bonus Challenge Voucher = 10 UC OR 100 BC (Battle Coins)

There are daily challenges with different levels and types like You can choose any Room depending upon Difficulty and Squad Size from Solo, Duo, and Squad.

How I Get 4 Bonus Challenge Vouchers Free?

There is one Event in the PUBG Mobile Recommended Event Section, there I get 1 Bonus Challenge in every week. (This might be a time-limited event so please check following steps)

Get Free Bonus Challenge Voucher
Get Free Bonus Challenge Voucher
  • Go to PUBG Mobile Event then click on Recommended
  • Check for Weekly Report and then click on Go
  • Then you will go to a page scroll full down and you will see some Rewards.
  • Click on Collect and collect the Rewards there you will get 1 bonus challenge voucher every week.

Warning: Stay away from the PUBG Free UC Generator tools website.

Steps to Join Bonus Challenge and Play:

Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile
Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile
  • Click on the Trophy Logo in PUBG Mobile Lobby (near cheers park option)
  • Then you will see Bonus Challenge click on it.
  • Now you will see different types of Difficulty Levels and Squad Filters.
  • You can use the Bonus Challenge Voucher to join the Challenge Room according to the Difficulty and Squad Size.
  • You will get some extra info in the video below. Or when you visit the bonus challenge you can find the rules there.

Get 100 RP and 600 UC Reward Free:

This trick is for Elite and Elite Plus members only. That is if you are a paid Royale Pass member then this will work for you, If you want to get your first Royale Pass for Free then participate in our Royale Pass Giveaway.

Get 600 UC Free in Season 12

You need to play PUBG Mobile till you get to the 100 RP then PUBG Mobile will Reward you with 30 UC on some RP stages. by this, till 100 RP you will get a total of 600 UC back and by this, you can buy your Next Royale Pass using these UC.

This means you need to buy it only once and then you can purchase the upcoming PUBG Mobile Elite Royale Pass for Free.