PMCO 2020 – Fall Split Registration Open till 12 July

Hey PUBG Mobile Players, Note that PMCO 2020 – Fall Split Registrations are Open now from 24 June to 12 July, and those players above Age 16 and have tier rank more than Platinum can participate in this Tournament.

PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2020 will start from 14 July and the Prize Pool is worth $1,000,000. This Tournament is played in 16 Regions 16 Teams and 4 maps.

PMCO 2020 Schedule Download

Requirements for PMCO 2020 – Fall Split Registration:

Its been 1 day and the PMCO 2020 – Fall Split Registration have started, If you want to know if you and your team is qualified or not then check following points and then click on this Registration Link

  • PMCO 2020 is only for Mobile Players, if you use Tablet or Emulator then you will get disqualified.
  • You and Teammates must be 18 Years old, or if you are 16 Years old then take Legal permission from your parents and submit it.
  • The minimum Tier Rank to participate in PMCO 2020 is Platinum Tier and above.
  • Your Squad can have Minimum 4 and Maximum 5 Players.
  • Minimum 3 Players must be from the same Region you are participating with.

Now You can go to the Registration link and read the given info carefully before submitting. Any Wrong information can disqualify your PMCO Fall Split Registration.

PMCO 2020 Registration Process

Process: Registration to Group Stage:

Step 1: Get your Squad Ready and Registration

Step 2: Play the PUBG MOBILE in-game qualification from 17th July to 27th July 2020

Step 3: Top 2 games of each map, a total of 8 games with the highest points from up to 32 games will be qualified. Your Recent 32 Matches will be calculated, so play it well.

Step 4: The Top Teams made it from 32 Games and qualify for the PMCO group stage.

If you have any question then you can check the PMCO Fall Split Faq’s