PUBG free UC in 2020 – Free UC on Mobile and Emulator!!!

A lot of articles and videos on the Internet about PUBG Free UC in 2020 are already posted. Even When I shared the PUBG Mobile Free UC in 2019, I got a very good response but that post has expired now.

There are few tricks that you can hack PUBG Free UC in 2020 and PUBG Mobile also want you to get some Free UC in your Account.

I know you this is unbelievable that how PUBG is giving free UC to those who don’t buy the UC right?? before I talk about that let me share some tricks by that you can really earn some decent amount of UC.

Trick 1: Get PUBG Free UC by Playing Bonus Challenge

Trick 2: Free UC by Participating in Giveaways – Like Youtube Comments

Trick 3: Money giving Apps

The Third trick is very well known to you, most of the time we fail to collect the amount and it is possible when you have a lot of contacts or followers. So I will skip that trick if you still want to try to save money on unwanted things and buy a Real Royale Pass.

Trick 1: Get PUBG Free UC by Playing Bonus Challenge:

In season 13, I don’t know how many of you know that PUBG Mobile is giving free Bonus Challenge vouchers according to the Tier rank. I have collected a total of 10 Vouchers and played with my friends.

Play PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge
Play PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge

My friend played it a lot and told me he collected around 3000 Battle coins using 8 Vouchers and now redeem that BC into UC. You can do the same and get PUBG Free UC up to 300 UC if you follow the right guide.

  • Join the Bonus Challenge
  • If you survive till top 4 then you guaranteed get 200 Points and extra kill points like 10points/kill.
  • By this, you can collect more than 200 Points per match every time you play.

Unfortunately on your bad days if you get a hacker in your lobby then you will have to be more careful and play the game as you need the UC in any condition.

If you want to know the procedure you will get any youtube video that can guide through this PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge.

Trick 2: PUBG Free UC Giveaways:

This is somehow a simple trick but you need to be very lucky to win or just find the right one with low competition. Like on Youtube the classified YT channel always giveaway some UC in each of their videos.

Get PUBG Mobile Free UC - and Royape Pass Giveaway

You just have to comment on their video with your PUBG ID, next time when the lucky draw is done if you are lucky then you can win the Free UC.

If you do some hard work and find a new Youtube Channel about Gaming. Then you will have less competition and when the giveaway is done you will have more chances to win.

Some Doubts about PUBG Free UC:

PUBG Mobile active family has crossed 100 Million and still, new members are joining day by day. Even though the old players know there are lots of fake sites online about free UC this guide is for new members.

1. What is PUBG Mobile Free UC?

PUBG Mobile Free UC is a trick if you search online then you will find lots of websites with fake tools and Youtube videos with fake apps that promise you will get Free UC in your account.

2. Can I get Free UC?

Yes! You can get free UC in PUBG but only the way I have stated above, if anybody promises you about any simpler trick don’t trust them. I promise you will get cheated.

3. What is Free UC Redeem Code?

PUBG Free UC Redeem Codes can be generated by some authority Youtubers or Companies. And they can be redeemed on some trusted websites like PUBG Mobile website, Playstore, Payment Apps, UC Shop Websites, etc.

4. How can I get Free UC in PUBG?

You can get Free UC in PUBG Mobile, and Emulator by only these ways given below: No tool or Redeem Code website can hack PUBG UC and give it to you.

  • Participate in Giveaway
  • Play Bonus Challenge and convert BC to UC
  • Purchase one time Royale Pass and Play till 100 RP Level to get 600 UC free
  • Play Free Tournaments and Win UC Prize
  • Check for some Apps on Playstore to earn some Wallet Cash and purchase UC.

5. Can You hack PUBG UC?

No! Nobody can hack PUBG Mobile UC, The first thing this is an online server game and the second thing is PUBG is the world’s top Battle Royale Game so they have good systems than our hackers. Even though if you get GTA 5 the hacks only work offline.

6. Is PUBG Mobile UC Generator Fake?

Yes! This is a sad truth but the UC Generator tools online are all fake, they are made just to use to collect your information and show you some ads to earn money. These tools will never give you a single UC in your account.

7. Are PUBG Mobile Redeem Code blogs are fake?

Yes!! they are also fake because if it was that easy to generate the free UC codes I would have shared some for my readers here. Some sponsors or Companies can generate their codes that work on some third party website but it’s not available for everyone.

Stay away from Free UC generator tools and do not give your Email address or Phone number to such websites. Your information can be sold to anybody.