If you ask me Is PUBG Mobile a Chinese App then My answer will be NO!! because;

PUBG Mobile is Not a Chinese Game actually its a combination of Japanese Idea and Korean Company. There is no direct involvement of the Chinese in PUBG Mobile. Though Tencent is a Chinese company that holds 1.5% Stake in PUBG Mobile.

Explaining about PUBG and PUBG Mobile origin will be the waste of time, but if Answering in short to this question that PUBG Mobile is a Chinese Game or not will be No!!.

PUBG Mobile Ownership
PUBG Mobile Ownership

PUBG Mobile is a Chinese Game? – No!!

Owning a Game or Application and having Stake in that game are two different things. As I mentioned above the PUBG Maker “Brendon Greene” turn his idea that was taken from the Japanese Book “Battle Royale” by working as the CEO of Bluehole company. Launching the PUBG Mobile Game in 2017 he changed the Mobile Gaming Industry.


Later due to some reasons, PUBG Mobile banned in China and then Tencent Gaming a Chinese company involved in PUBG Mobile, and created a new game for China called “Game for Peace” later Tencent secured the rights to distribute PUBG in China after changing the game.

You Might have seen the Tencent Gaming Logo on PUBG Mobile Starting Screen its just because of the Distribution ownership of Tencent Games. Unlike Game for Peace Tencent only has 1.5% Stake in PUBG Mobile original game. Whereby just owning the rights of Game for Peace Tencent made around $1.5 Billion in 2019.

Check out Tencent Stake Holdings given on Wikipedia:

PUBG Mobile is a Chinese Game


PUBG Mobile is not a Chinese Game but You can call it a South Korean Game. The Game for Peace is a separate PUBG Mobile Version for China.

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There are 3 different versions of PUBG Mobile:

  • PBUG Mobile – Global
  • Game For Peace – China
  • PUBG Mobile KR – Koria