PUBG Mobile Week 7 Grenade Mission

A fresh trick to complete your First Mission in PUBG Mobile Week 7 – Yes This is PUBG Mobile Week 7 Grenade Mission that you can complete with one trick.

You can see the image below that shows the PUBG Mobile Week 7 Grenade Mission. You can complete it using Arena Match

Week 7 Grenade Mission

I have completed this mission with this trick and due to the Asia server is too busy I have used Europen Server here.

Steps to Complete Week 7 Grenade Mission in PUBG Mobile:

Step 1: Make Sure you have selected Grenade in the Loadout in the Inventory.

Step 2: Now Select the Arena and Team Deathmatch choose server as per your choice

Step 3: During the TDM Match you can kill Yourself with Grenade in PUBG Mobile.

Step 4: If you kill your PUBG Mobile Character in TDM 4 times your Mission will get completed.

This is a PUBG Mobile glitch that working fine from last week. I am sharing it with you go and check now. And keep in touch for more interesting PUBG Mobile Tricks.