PUBG Mobile Free UC for Royale Pass


Presenting the first-ever chance to win 770 PUBG Mobile Free UC that you can use get your Free Royale Pass by participating in the Royale Pass Giveaway. Our Royale Pass Giveaway 1 has ended now for Season 13, But you can directly Participate in the giveaway 2.0 Visit here 

PUBG Mobile Free UC Giveaway:

  • Search the Player ID – 591646351
  • Visit Daily And Give Some Popularity to this Account
  • The Player that becomes Number 1 Fan will get Free Royale Pass
  • Runnerup and other Rankings will get the UC as shown in the table directly in their Accounts.
  • The Winners Announcement will be done For each Royale Pass.

Increase the Popularity

Winners Gift by Rank

Rank of PlayerGiveaway Gift
Rank 1770 UC
Rank 2110 UC
Rank 343 UC
Runner Up16 UC

Royale Pass Giveaway 1 Winners:

Please note for next Royale Pass the Task will be changed soon. Stay tuned and wait for new Rules for Royale Pass 14.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Giveaway Winner
PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Giveaway Winner

What is Royale Pass Giveaway 2.0?

As per we promised the PUBG Mobile Free UC or Royale Pass Giveaway has ended today. The winners have been announced in the image above. If you missed this event then don’t worry you still have a chance to get the PUBG Mobile Free UC to purchase the Next PUBG Mobile Royale Pass for Free; that is Royale Pass Season 14.

How to Participate in Giveaway 2.0?

Step 1: Copy any Post link from blog and share it with Your Player ID on your Social Media. (Like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, Quora, Reddit.)

Step 2: Take the screenshot of the shared Link. that will show your Player ID in the Text and Link of PUBGMOBILEUPDATE.COM Blog.

Step 3: Save the Screenshot in a folder of Google Drive and share the folder Link with us. You can send the Folder Link by using Contact us Page.

Note: You can share the folder link to us from 13 June 2020 to 5 July 2020. Link shared before and after this date will not be considered.

Step 4: Go to Contact US Page fill the details Select Giveaway 2.0 option and share your link in the description box with your message (As shown in image below).

Giveaway 2.0 Contact form
Giveaway 2.0 Contact form

Giveaway 2.0 Winners by Rank

Rank of PlayerGiveaway Gift
Rank 1770 UC
Rank 2220 UC
Rank 3110 UC
Rank 435 UC

Rules for Giveaway 2.0:

  1. You can share daily 2 Links.
  2. You can use any social media form – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, Quora, Reddit,
  3. Winners will be counted by the Number of Screenshots available in the Folder.
  4. Each Image must contain Unique Link from PUBGMOBILEUPDATE.COM
  5. If you send 2 Image with the same Link shared on social media will be considered as 1.
  6. Your Screenshot must contain:- Link from this blog, Your Player ID
  7. Winners will be announced once Royale pass S13 is ended.
  8. You Must share 20 Links to get qualified in this Giveaway 2.0
  9. We hold all Giveaway Rights and Change in Rule.
PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Giveaway 2.0 is scheduled for Season 14. Those who want to participate need to follow these Rules. Best luck for PUBG Mobile Free UC.Click To Tweet


18 thoughts on “PUBG Mobile Free UC for Royale Pass”

  1. Thanks for being my nice fan but really sorry I can not help directly.
    I have lots of fans requesting but I can Reward those who compete and win.
    If you feel you are late just hold on and start participating now. In the future there are lots of Giveaways coming soon.

  2. Hey bro, I have seen ur I’d right now but it is not possible for me to become ur top fan because I don’t have much UC to send you gift. My pubg I’d is 5164198032 please send some UC bro. Plz. I’m ur fan. Thank you for nice post. Plz keep update us.

  3. Sorry, Bro, I can gift you 8 UC but for now, We just have this one Giveaway for now. Keep in touch for upcoming giveaways.
    TIll then participate in this giveaway

  4. You will not get UC or Royale Pass by just commenting on your ID.
    The better option for you is to Participate in Giveaways and Win.

  5. Hey, Ritik No need to Comment your ID Just Follow the Royale Pass Giveaway Process and be the Number 1. You will win the Royale Pass

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