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PUBG Mobile Best Alternative – Back to Mini Militia

I hope you haven’t forgotten the Doodle Army – PUBG Mobile Best Alternative! Mini Militia. After the PUBG Mobile ban in India on 2nd Sept 2020; I think its time to welcome back the Mini Militia.

It is not fixed that PUBG Mobile will come back or not but till then we can play the Mini Militia game. I know before PUBG Mobile was launched I used to play the Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia game.

I used to play the Mini Militia Pink Game and make fun of my friends by killing them in one shot lol!!

Mini Militia on PC: Play Mini Militia using Bluestack on PC

PUBG Mobile Best Alternative

PUBG Mobile Best Alternative – Mini Militia

Game Name Mini Militia
Credits Doodle Army
Game Maps 16
Multiplayer Offline and Online
Download Click here

Here are some Features of Mini Militia:

  • Solo Player and Multiplayer game is available
  • Custome Avatar Feature for Your Player
  • Different types of Weapons available
  • You can Play Offline and online both
  • Game is in 2D but full of fun and weapons
  • Offline Games can be played within a room with your Friends using LAN Connection. Just turn on your Hotspot and host the room then connect your friends with wifi and start the game.
PUBG Mobile Best Alternative

List of Maps in Mini Militia

Here are some map names give available in Mini Militia

  • Outpost
  • Catacombs
  • Subdivision
  • Undermine
  • Cliff hanger
  • Overseer
  • Pyramid
  • Snowblind
  • Hightower
  • No Escape
  • Bottleneck
  • So long
  • Lunarcy
  • Suspension
  • Crossfire
  • Icebox
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia
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