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PUBG Mobile Crate Opening – Get Lucky Everytime!!

If you want to try your luck just try it in PUBG Mobile Crate opening and use your Premium/Classic Crate Coupons in PUBG Mobile. And I know how painful it is when you lose your Crates. And it’s more painful when you continue opening using UC.

If you want to get Lucky in any PUBG Mobile Crate Opening then Just follow some tips shared below. These tips work 90% without any Luck factor.

  1. Open Crates in Bulk of 10
  2. Never Try any Outfit
  3. Refresh Your Network

These are some simple tips that I use to get the most out of my PUBG Mobile Premium and Classic Crates. If you want to get More lucky then try our Free UC tricks for PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Crate Opening – Luck Factor?

What I think is when we can’t fix anything we call it our bad luck. But if you some hidden tricks any magician then you will not believe in Good Luck and Bad Luck.

I have 3 Tricks that work on PUBG Mobile Premium and Classic Crates Opening, If you like this then please share it with your friends. This will help me in creating more content for you.

  • Open Crates in Bulk of 10:

Having a Premium crate in Inventory and not using it quite hard, I can understand. But you will waste your luck here, If you open 10 Crates at once then you will have 1 or 2 chances to get any Premium Items.

When you open one crate some other players also opening at the same time you are trying your luck, so

It’s like trying to blind fire in a bush with sniper and AR. If you fire 1 bullet you will have to be luckier but if you fire 10 then some of your bullets will hit the enemy.

This also needs some other factors to work and 2 of them are mentioned below. Read all Tips and then try to open your crates.

  • Never Try any Outfit:

This trick works when you get Lucky in the first one and going to open the next lot of 10 PUBG Mobile Crates. Be careful if you got any skin and you tried it then do not open the next lot of 10 PUBG Mobile Crates.

This trick is a practice by lots of PUBG Mobile Streamers also and said bad luck if you try any skin do not open a single crate after it.

  • Refresh Your Network:

If you followed above 2 tricks and still want to open more crates with a lot of 10 Crates, or using 540 UC Pack, then be careful here. You need to Restart your Network, your game, and clear mobile cache. This clears your recent activity data and you enter the game as fresh.

I will suggest you try these crates at 00:01 GMT. Because PUBG Mobile Servers refresh at this time and very few people try to open theirs creates just after this time.