This was supposed to happen, PUBG Mobile Banned in India but there are several reasons behind this.

Parents were complaining about their children’s Mental behavior, suicide, or accidental deaths of PUBG Mobile players, and the last but not least PUBG Mobile is also owned by a Chinese Company.

Whatever it is, the PUBG Mobile Addiction or the PUBG Mobile is Chinese Game, the Indian Government has banned the game along with more than 200 apps like Tiktok. As an Indian Citizen, I am going to support my government’s decision over this.


PUBG Mobile banned Now What to do?

Before we find PUBG Mobile Replacements lets check what will happen with PUBG Mobile Now?

  • PUBG Mobile is banned on 2nd Sept 2020 but it will take some time to get removed from play stores and stop playing in Mobile phones.
  • When Government will Ask Internet Service Providers + Play Store companies to ban this game then this effect will take place
  • Only PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite has Banned the PUBG PC and PUBG PC Lite are still available to Play (Emulator Players can shift there)
  • You can Play PUBG Mobile Alternative: COD Mobile, Free Fire, or its time to go back to the mini militia?
  • PUBG Mobile may come back – but it will take time around 3 and more months
  • Gaming is not only Mobile Gaming or PUBG Mobile, You can try PC Gaming or Console Games there is much more to learn from them.
  • Now we have a lot more time to do different things for ourselves. Explore Enhance and upgrade yourself.

8 Things You Can Do after PUBG Mobile is Banned

Change is the only rule of life and change is not easy to accept. Think about how TikTokers felt after the Government Banned the TikTok app. Same its hard to accept but you can do lots of things after PUBG Mobile is Banned.

  1. The very first thing is to learn to accept this thing that PUBG Mobile is Gone, if anybody teases you be cool and smile.
  2. Spend more time with your family, spend time with your siblings play some offline activities.
  3. Search for new Skills, like Money making skills, Communication Skills, this will help you in your 20s and 30s to make money.
  4. Spend time on Healthy activities, do some exercise. This time is much similar to break up. Someone can go to depression and some can make through this situation.
  5. I am going to buy a new PC I have saved through this blog and will play some PC Games I watched on YouTube.
  6. If you want to play PUBG Mobile try its alternative games but do not use any VPN because:
    • Free VPN is not safe to use they can steal your data
    • Country and Army is the first choice over any Game.
  7. Bloggers and Youtubers those depended upon PUBG Mobile like me you can take a survey of your Audience about how to continue? I will be shifting this blog to a new domain or shut it down.
  8. Support your Favorite Youtube Channel and Blogs government has banned the game, not YouTube or Blogs. This will motivate the Youtuber/Blogger to work for your entertainment

PUBG Mobile May Come Back!

Yes!! There is a possibility PUBG Mobile may come back and the ban may get lifted over PUBG Mobile but it will not be going to happen over the night.

Why COD Mobile is not banned? You know COD Mobile was also partnered with Tencent games but they break their partnership before the government bans them.

Now if PUBG Mobile does the same thing this is going to take some time maybe around more than 3 months. Till then You can enjoy the alternatives of PUBG Mobile.


Or if you were an Emulator player then try PUBG PC or PUBG PC Lite game they both are better than PUBG Mobile.

Gaming is Not only PUBG Mobile:

Gaming community is not the PUBG Mobile but PUBG Mobile was part of Indian Gaming Community. It will stay in our heart forever, But what to do now if PUBG Mobile does not came back?

Or even though PUBG Mobile comes back isn’t this time to change the game now. There is nothing new in PUBG Mobile just jump make strategy and survive, but what next? the same game?

But If you try PC or Console Games there is a lot more to explore and learn in every game on it. Recently I watched Detroit becomes Human on Youtube. I just love that game it shows how Android start thinking and feels Alive.


Similarly, Tomb Raider is one more game, Hitman is also the same game, you need to observe things make decisions and play the game. Some new games are beyond our imaginations because your every decision will take the story to a different ending.