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PUBG Mobile Ping Fix (below 90) with JioFi

Today I will share with your what are those tips that I use for PUBG Mobile Ping Fix. If you are using Jio Sim in your Mobile phone and Playing PUBG Mobile then what ping you are getting? 100 or above? if Yes then you can get below 90 Ping in PUBG Mobile if you follow this guide.

Please Note: I will guide you through How I got below 90 Ping in PUBG Mobile doing some changes in JioFi Wifi Device.

PUBG Mobile Ping Fix Using JioFi

Fixing the Ping issue in PUBG Mobile is way more easy you just need to know some technical terms.

What Makes PUBG Mobile Ping so high?

Answer: Lots of factors affect PUBG Mobile to give high ping the major issue comes with Mobile device and Sim Network.

Today, lots of new mobile support PUBG Mobile @60FPS and the rest thing that is Ping is now more dependent on your Internet.

This is how Ping works, If you use High graphic settings even though your Mobile supports ultra settings but the Internet speed is very slow like 1MBPS; then you will get high ping

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Improving the Internet Speed is more important or you need to play the game at low graphic settings

How to Increase Internet Speed to Play PUBG Mobile?

We use Mobile data while playing PUBG Mobile but not all of us get full coverage at the same place we have our charging port right!

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I have a solution for this; using Wifi Router – Not the cable connection Wifi but JioFi with Jio 4G network.

You can Put the Jiofi Device in the full coverage area and take wifi to use the Internet to play PUBG Mobile on your Phone.

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Best Mobile Phones Supporting Games @90 FPS

ViewMobile PhonesCheck Price
OnePlus 7T Pro 4.5

OnePlus 7T Pro 90 FPS Mobile

  • RAM: 8 GB
  • ROM: 256 GB
  • Battery: 4085 mAH
Check Price
OnePlus 84.5

OnePlus 890 FPS Mobile

  • RAM: 6GB
  • ROM: 128GB
  • Battery: 4300 mAH
Check Price
OnePlus 8 Pro4

OnePlus 8 Pro90 FPS Mobile

  • RAM: 12 GB
  • ROM: 256 GB
  • Battery: 4510 mAH
Check Price
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra4

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra90 FPS Mobile

  • RAM: 12 GB
  • ROM: 256 GB
  • Battery: 4500 mAH
Check Price
Galaxy S20 Ultra4

Galaxy S20 Ultra90 FPS Mobile

  • RAM: 12GB
  • ROM: 128 GB
  • Battery: 5000 mAH
Check Price
Pixel 44.5

Pixel 490 FPS Mobile

  • RAM: 6 GB
  • ROM: 64 GB
  • Battery: 37000mAH
Check Price

This video can help you in setting up the JioFi at more speed and increase your gaming experience by Fixing the PUBG Mobile Ping below 90.

Steps to Setup JioFi at High Speed:

  • Connect your Mobile with Jiofi and log in to Admin Panel
  • You can log in to JioFi Admin here – http://jiofi.local.html
  • Then go to Network Settings and look for Default PDN connection
  • Change the Automatic connection to Manual.
    • APN for Network Attach – Manual
    • APN Name – jionet
    • IP Type – IPv4
pubg mobile ping fix
  • Now go to Wifi Configuration and change the Wifi Channel. Choose any between 6 to 11.
pubg mobile ping fix

The Jifi works on 2.4Ghz Frequency you can choose any channel from all 14 channels given. Do this because the Nearby 2.4Ghz Frequency is also used by Bluetooth/other wifi/microwave etc. Your Same frequency channel may get cancel by that frequency while using wifi.

All done now check your Internet speed and check the PUBG Mobile Ping Fix below 90 or not.

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