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Finally PUBG Mobile Ban in India 2nd Sept 2020 along with 117 Apps

Good News for Parents and Bad news for Players – PUBG Mobile Ban in India on 2nd Sept 2020 Today itself.

All media houses, Google Search and Youtube is flooded with this top news today. I dont know what is going to happen from now but this is really bad news for me atleast.

pubg mobile ban in india

I have been working on this blog for 1 year and more and now the Moto of this blog is come to end.

PUBG Mobile Ban in India with 117 Other Apps:

Here is the list of all 118 Apps including PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. This list does not include the PUBG PC Game because the PC game does not involve any Chinese company.

List of 118 Chinese Apps banned in India
List of 118 Chinese including PUBG Mobile Ban in India

This doubt was in my mind since India vs China Conflict brings the first list of Banned chines apps that PUBG Mobile may get banned in India too. Likewise in Pakistan, the Govt banned PUBG Mobile for 1 week but then lifted the ban.

PUBG BAN IN INDIA. 10 Things you need to know.

But now in India, this ban is permanent similar to Tiktok – PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite will soon get removed from Indian Play Store.

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Bad News for All Mobile Players:

This is a good news for all Parents because PUBG Mobile was so addictive that it made so many criminal issues in Indian Families.

But also Bad news for Mobile gamers, me and PUBG Mobile. The New Update 1.0 is about to release on 8th Sept and just 6 days before PUBG Mobile is no longer available to play in India now.

Soon you will face a ‘network login failed‘ error from now because the Indian Service Providers of the Internet might have blocked the Game servers. So soon you will see the Game will not be available on the Play Store. And Even if you already installed the PUBG Mobile in your Mobile you will face an issue like “network error login failed PUBG Mobile

Don’t know if the Ban is lifted after some time or not but looking back what happened with TikTok I don’t think so that we will be able to play PUBG Mobile New Update in Indian Now.

Recently PUBG Mobile Shared one Image of Mysterious Update is coming up but The Mystery will be Mystery forever now.

Is Erangel 2.0 the Mysterious Surprise - PUBG Mobile 1.0

The PUBG Mobile Community is too big like Youtube lets see what will happen do PUBG Mobile get out from this Banned app list or not