The nCore Games Co-Founder Mr. Vishal Gondal said “FAUG Release in October 2020 was already planned, this PUBG Mobile Ban was Coincidental”

While interviewing by IndianExpress; He said the nCore Team was already working on FAUG from May/June 2020 and the first Release date was considered in Late October 2020 not mentioned any fix date.

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About FAUG Release and People Mentality:


While talking about FAUG Mr. Vishal Gondal mentioned people mentality how they think about Indian Game developer:

nCore Co Founder Gondal Said this to Indianexpress
credits: sportskeeda & indianexpress

Gondal Mentioned: “There’s a belief that Indian Game developers can not produce good quality games; at nCore, we want to prove that mentality wrong and bring out games that compete with International games.”

This is really inspiring that we have such people that want to prove people’s mentality wrong and I wish Mr. Gondal you will get success keep working. And even if you launch FAUG that is not better than PUBG Mobile then Gamers like me and I will support you and help in growing the Game in the future.

This Year nCore is planning two games to launch the first one is FAUG and the other one is about the Cricket IPL game.