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Among Us – Why Trending on Youtube? – Tips and Tricks

Among Us is an Online Mobile Multiplayer Social Deduction Game, Among Us is also available on PC now you can download it from Steam. This game was released on 15 June 2018, by an American Company InnerSloth. Till now there are more than 100m+ downloads from Google Play Store.

What is Among Us Game? In Simple Language Among Us is an Online/Offline Multiplayer Game of Maxx 10 Players (The Crew & Imposters) both perform their tasks to win the game.

Why Among Us Game is Trending on Youtube?

After PUBG Mobile Banned in India Youtubers tried lots of games but then Among Us came into the picture.
Then The audience started responding to the stream and then Youtubers also started creating Mems and Videos on Among Us. This is how Among Us got Popular on YouTube.

Among Us Game Download

Among Us - Why Trending on Youtube - Tips and Tricks

About Game

  • Creator: InnerSloth
  • Players: 10 per Game
  • Theme: Kill/Survive/Investigate
  • Total Downloads: 100M+
  • Price: Free to Play
  • PC Version: Paid available on Steam

Who Is The Imposter?

Depending upon the Team Size there will be Maxx 2 Imposter in the game. The imposter will silently kill the other crew members to win the game.

Here are some tasks that you can perform to hide from the other crew members.

Among Us - The Impostor Objectives

In case anybody found the Imposter and maximum players agreed and voted him during the discussion then Imposter will be thrown out of the ship.

The Crew Tasks?

The Crew is other Members on the Space Ship but you don’t know who is Imposter.

The Crew needs to be together to stay safe and complete the tasks or throw the Imposters out of the Ship to wing this game. Check some tasks for the crew in the image below.

Among Us - The Crew Objectives

In case any You found any dead body and suspect anybody immodestly reports. In case you know the Imposter and he is chasing you just go to the Emergency Switch and call Emergency Meeting

Note: This game has a chat option only and nobody can talk here. You will have to use a third party calling system to stay connected and chat with each other but keeping the fair gameplay.

How To Play Among US?

You can follow these Gameplay options step guide to Play Among US Game on Your Mobile. This game is all about Finding the Imposter by the Crew members and kill the crew members to win this game be Imposter.

Step 1: Choose Your Game type

How to Play Among US

There are 3 types of game options you can choose.
Local:- Play with your friends without the internet by creating a Local Server.

Online:- Create Online Room and Play with your Friends sharing the room id.

Free to Play:- Here you can play alone with bots to explore the game and the map.

Step 2: Choose your Game Controls

Among Us Controls - Joystick and Touch

Check the Image above to know there are two types of Game Control in Among Us game. Joystick and Touch

You can play either using Joystick and Button on Screen. OR Play by drag and touch on the screen (Similar to Cricket Games on Mobile).

Step 3: Find Who You Are And Play

Who is the Imposter

If your name turned into Red color once the game starts you are the Imposter play like Imposter and do not get caught.

If your name remains white like other then you are just like other crew members but stay alert there are imposters in between your crew.

Tips to Find out the Imposter:

Watch this video below and remember the tips how to play when you are a Crew Member and When you are a Imposter

FAQ – About Among US

Q1: Why did among us get so popular?

Answer: Among us is a mind game, and since PUBG Mobile has banned in India Youtubers are trying different games. But when the audience started responding to Among Us game this game became popular.

Q2: How can I play among us on PC?

Answer: To play Among Us Free game install Android Emulator on PC and download the Among US to play
To Play Among Us Paid the game is now available on Steam for PC just buy it and play directly on the PC.

Q3: How can I be good among us?

Answer: The Among Us game is Mind Game, Stay Calm notice activities, and find out the Imposter if you are a crew member or beat the crew members if you are an Imposter.

Q4: How do you play with friends on among us?

Answer: There are 2 methods to play Among Us with your Friends.
1. Local:- If you are nearby then create a local host room and invite other friends.
2. Online:- Create one Room online and send the Room Id to your friends to join and play.

Q5: Is among us free on mobile?

Answer: Yes!! This Among Us game is free to play on Mobile.

Q6: How to Download and Play Among Us on PC?

Answer: For this, You need to download an Android Emulator on your PC first.
1. Download any Android Emulator like Bluestack
2. then Go to the play store in Bluestack and Download Among Us
3. Now invite your Friends and Enjoy the Among Us Game for free