Sparrow Operator Skill – COD Mobile Brand 100% Free

The Brand New Operator Skill which was still to unlock in COD Mobile is now Available through an event. The Sparrow Operator Skill in COD Mobile is now unlocked and given through an event. This event was held from 21st Oct 2019 to 1st Nov 2019

If you are a regular COD Mobile Player like me then you might know that according to date that on 25th OCT 2019 only 7 Days remain to unlock the Skill.

You can get it but you need to complete some mission and one of them all is to log in daily. So if you start now and play every mission then within the next 5 days you will unlock the Brand New Sparrow Operator Skill in COD Mobile for Free.

Where to see Sparrow Operator Skill?

I was playing this event from the last 4 days due to some problems I was not able to login daily. But I am happy to say that tomorrow my last login that is 5thday login will be completed and I will unlock my final Operator Skill that is Sparrow.

You can check this skill in your Loadout Section just click on the Loadout then look at your Right Menu click on the second option, here you will see some Special Skills; these skills are known as Operator Skills.

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There is a total of 6 Operator Skills and 5 of them are unlocked and the 6th one that is Sparrow Operator Skill is about to unlock for me.

If you noticed these operator skills are available during Multiplayer Mode game while you achieve some killing goals. Then you can click on them from mobile or press E in Emulator to use the Operator Skill during Game.

How to unlock Sparrow Skill?

All Operator Skills in COD Mobile are awesome and I hope this Sparrow Operator Skill also will be one of them. If you are using this skill please let me know in the comment box. I will also share my opinion on this once I unlock it.

Sparrow Operator Skill Event
Sparrow Operator Skill Event

Till then Follow steps given below to unlock this Sparrow Operator Skill for free.

  • Login to COD Mobile Game
  • On the Home, screen check Left side menu
  • Go to Event Section below Tier Season
  • Then within Event Section look for “All-New Operator Skill: Sparrow”
  • Click on it and Check out time Remaining for the Event.
  • Below you will see some missions with one 5 Days Login Mission.
  • Keep Coming back for the next 5 Days and also complete all missions.
  • You will get rewarded stage-wise, once you reach the final stage you will unlock the brand new Sparrow Operator Skill for free.

There is no rulebook for this event like PUBG Mobile. You can complete the missions given in the Event Section of Sparrow.

Sparrow Event Missions
Sparrow Event Missions

Once you reach the 10th stage you will unlock the Sparrow Operator Skill and use in its Multiplayer Mode. Currently, I am using two Operator Skills in my 3 Loadouts. Along with Sniper, I am using Tempest and along with AR and an LMG, I am using Scythe Operator Skill.

Both skills are my favorite just waiting for this new skill and I am eager to use it to share the experience with all of you.