COD Mobile Halloween Event – Pumpkin Collection and Ranking Reward

As Halloween is coming to all Mobile games along with COD Mobile adding some events to gift rewards to their Players. In COD Mobile Halloween Event you will see there is a total of 2 Events Rewards available for this Halloween.

The First one is Pumpkin Collection and redeems Rewards, and the second one is Ranking Rewards. These Events started on 26th Oct 2019 and will end on 1st Nov 2019. Till then you can play Multiplayer Mode and or Battle Royale to collect these rewards in COD Mobile Pumpkin Collection and Ranking Rewards.

COD Mobile Halloween Event Rewards:

Here I will share with you how you can play and collect your Pumpkins to collect exciting Rewards and rules for these Events.

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The COD Mobile Halloween Event Pumpkin Collection will give you the following Rewards:

Pumpkin Collection Event Rewards
Pumpkin Collection Event Rewards
  • Weapon XP cards
  • Frag Grenade with Bats Camo
  • Smoke Grenade with Bats Camo
  • Wingsuit with Bats Camo
  • Striker (shotgun) with Bats Camo

Where if you collect more Pumpkins then you will get the Ranking Rewards as follows:

COD Mobile Halloween Event Rank Rewards
COD Mobile Halloween Event Rank Rewards
  • For the top 5% of Players rewards are:
    • Parachute with Bats Camo
    • Dog Tag Spray
    • M21 EBR – Metal Note Skin
  • For top 5% – 30% Players rewards are:
    • Parachute with Bats Camo
    • Dog Tag Spray
  • For top 30% – 50% Players Rewards are:
    • Parachute with Bats Camo
  • For the top 50% to 100% Players Rewards are:
    • Weapon XP Cards

How to Earn Pumpkins to Get Rewards?

There is no logical term defined by COD Mobile Halloween Event to collect Pumpkin as PUBG Mobile. But when you kill your enemy in Multiplayer Mode or Battle Royale Mode you get rewarded with some Pumpkins.

  • To collect Pumpkins Play as much as possible.
  • Kill Maximum Enemies with a headshot (hint)
  • Use Special Operator Skills during Battle Royale and MP Matches.

Best luck to all and Happy Diwali to COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile Players. This COD Mobile Halloween Event is for 6 Days Enjoy.

Get Kills in Multiplayer or Battle Royale Mode and Collect Pumpkins! Climb the ranks of Halloween exclusive Rewards.

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