How to Fly Helicopter in PUBG Payload Mode? 100% working Trick

PUBG Mobile New Update Launched with the version 15.0, but PUBG Payload Mode was not released. But as of on 22 OCT 2019 we get to See the PUBG Payload Mode in the Game.

Let’s Check what this Payload Mode includes and How to fly Helicopter in PUBG Mobile Payload Mode?

How to Fly Helicopter in Emulator?

Flying Helicopter in PUBG Payload Mode in Mobile is easy but while it comes to PUBG Mobile Emulator there are some different ways. Driving a car and Flying a Helicopter in Emulator are different things.

You need to use the cursor mode to fly Helicopter in Emulator.

To use the cursor press control button on the keyboard. There is no other option, if you want to try then please go to the keyboard setting in the emulator. And follow the tips given below. As this is PUBG Payload Mode I think Tencent will need some time to add the control settings for Emulators.

Till then let’s try our trick for Flying Helicopter in Emulator.

  • Click on the Keyboard option at the top right of the Emulator menu.
  • Now put 2 buttons with any of your keyboard buttons.
  • For example, put a top button where you think you see the Helicopter up button. And put a down button where you think you see the helicopter down button.
  • Label those buttons with any of your keyboard buttons I used Up arrow and Down arrow buttons.
  • It somehow worked for me let’s see if it works for you or not. Please let us know in the comment box.

How to Fly Helicopter in COD Mobile Emulator?

Now if you have finished the solution for How you can Fly the Helicopter in PUBG Mobile Emulator; then, let’s move towards How you can fly Helicopter in COD Mobile Emulator. Flying Helicopter in PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile is very easy while you use a Mobile phone to Play but, when you Play in Emulator it becomes difficult as you need some extra keys to fly the Helicopter up and down vertically.

How to Fly Helicopter in COD Mobile Emulator
How to Fly Helicopter in COD Mobile Emulator

Use following tips to fly Helicopter in COD Mobile Emulator:

  • Use A S W D to move Helicopter
  • Use Mouse Left Click to Fly Helicopter
  • Use Mouse Right Click to Land Helicopter
  • Use G to change Seat

The Payload Mode is not over yet; I am going to share your top 10 locations where you can get Helicopters in PUBG Payload Mode.

Top Locations in PUBG Payload Mode for Helicopter Spawn:

Here I am sharing some Locations from Erangel Map in Payload Mode where you will find a Helicopter if nobody has stolen it already…

Helicopter Location in PUBG Payload Mode
Helicopter Location in PUBG Payload Mode
  • Military Base near the police station
  • The military base near C Building
  • Military base left most corner on Road
  • Mylta Power
  • Mylta Factory
  • School Building
  • Georgopool city waterside corner
  • Hospital left side
  • Severny
  • Pochinki near church
  • Pochinki in-between the city
  • Prison

If you know any extra location, please comment below and let other players about these Spawn Helicopters Locations in PUBG Payload Mode.

Now let’s know about new Weapons added into the PUBG Mobile Payload Mode. Some of these weapons are really great and because of them, I started playing PUBG Mobile again.

List of Payload Mode Weapons:

  • RPG-7 – This weapon can be used to attack vehicles, Helicopters and Enemy Teams.
  • M3E1-A – This Weapon can be used as Vehicle Tracker, it can follow any vehicle or Helicopter and damage it. Uses the same ammo as RPG 7. Also known as Smart RPG.
  • M79 Grenade Launcher – This is Grenade Launcher Pistol type gun.
  • MGL Grenade Launcher – This is Grenade Launcher AR-type gun.
  • M134 Minigun – This is Machine gun use 5.5 Ammo. Useful against the whole squad.
  • Desert Eagle – a .45 Ammo Pistol fires continuously.
  • Explosive Barrels – Gas Cans; can be used as explosive traps for Cars and BRDM.