PUBG Mobile Server Mission – Win Prizes

PUBG Mobile is giving Players some gifts for Playing the PUBG Mobile Server Mission. This might be some server testing free technique by Tencent. In this Server, Mission depends on daily tasks like, Travelling, Running, Killing, and using the Ammo and Bandages.

As much you play PUBG Mobile daily – that much you increase your chances to become topper in SERVER Mission in your Server.

This might be the last time when you can choose your server, because during this Event from 21 April 2020 to 4 May 2020, once you select your Server you wont be able to change it.

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How to Play this PUBG Mobile Server Mission?

There are no special criteria for participating in this Mission challenges, the very first thing and the tough choice is to select your server because your wrong choice may lead to a high ping server and once you change your server, you cant change it.

I might be wrong in this scenario as you might have to choose the server just for this PUBG Mobile Server Mission and not compulsory for the gameplay (maybe).

Server Wide Challenge
Server Wide Challenge
  • You will find this PUBG Mobile Server Mission near the Events box at the right bottom screen of your lobby.
  • Click on the image and select your server; Choose the server with the lowest ping.
  • Now you will see 3 tabs:
    • Server-wide mission
    • Bounty Mission
    • Firepower Ranking
  • You can play the PUBG Mobile game and earn points (Firepowers) that will contribute to your server with other players’ contributions.
  • The Server-Wide Mission will show you the overall progress in your server, with your contribution to the server.
  • Bounty Missions are the daily missions that can give you Random coupon scraps, You will get 3 chances to flip your mission & Rewards in Bounty Mission.
  • The Firepower Ranking will show your server toppers and the topper till the end of this Server Mission end will get some exciting gifts in their email.

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Bounty Mission in Server Mission
Bounty Mission in Server Mission

Rules for Server Mission in PUBG Mobile:

  • The player has to choose any 1 server to participate in this Server Mission.
  • The Server cannot be changed once it is selected.
  • Whenever a Player Completes missions in any server, the firepower of the selected server increases.
  • Players in the server will be able to receive some gifts on each target completion in the Server-Wide mission Bar.
  • Players can also collect 3 bounty mission in the Bounty Mission tab
  • Players at the top will receive their Rewards in the Email box on completion of this Server Mission.

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