PUBG Mobile Winter – The Life Survival Mode

The PUBG Mobile WInter is nothing but the PUBG Mobile Artic Mode. You will find this mode under Payload Mode with Vikendi Map. This is a real survival mode in which you need to save yourself from the enemy as well as from extreme weather.

Where to find PUBG Mobile WInter Mode? – Just open PUBG Mobile! go to Payload, look for PUBG Mobile Artic Mode, and play with your team-mates.”

PUBG Mobile Winter Mode Items:

The main goal in PUBG Mobile is to survive so even if it means to survive against the environment or survive against your enemy.

PUBG Mobile Winter Mode

To survive against your enemy you will find Ammunition and Armor in-game. While to fight against the extreme cold weather in PUBG Mobile Winter Mode/Arctic Mode you will get the following items.

  • Branches – to create a bonfire.
  • Meat – Find Chicken and roast it.
  • Heater – A small body warmer.
  • HeatPack – to keep the body warm.
  • Drone – search your enemy
  • Snowboard – Slide on the ice land
  • Artic Crates – Special items in it.

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1. Branches:

During the gameplay you will get one warning before the cold mode starts in the PUBG Mobile Winter Mode, you can go to any shelter/house and create a bonfire using branches.


Collect branches during the gameplay as you collect Guns and Ammo. Be careful when you create a bonfire as it will appear on the Map and your enemy can spot you.

2. Meat:

The meat can be used to eat and improve body temperature, you need to collect a live chicken then roast it on the bonfire you have created and eaten the meat to increase your body temperature.

Chicken or Meat
Chicken or Meat

Once again, you will need branches to create a bonfire, and as the PUBG Mobile Winter is not safe creating a bonfire also not safe either.

3. Heater:

This body heater looks like a fuel lamp in the 19th century. You can collect this lamp from the spawn location on the map. Again I will warn you when you use this body heater then you will get spotted by nearby enemy as it creates a heat aura.

Body Heater
Body Heater

But the body heater is really useful when you are looking for a shelter to create a bonfire and you need to maintain the body temperature while searching.

4. Heat packs:

Heat Packs are similar to the body heater, you can use them as you use the bandages when you get hit by a bullet but you don’t have any big healings.

Heat Packs
Heat Packs

5. Drone:

The drones can be used to spot enemies and mark their location. You can find the drone in Artic Crate as it is a special item. But can not use the drone for too far or too high.


Once you used the drone you won’t be able to use the same drone again, for this, you need to collect multiple drones.

6. Artic Crates:

Similar to COD Mobile you will see some special crates in this PUBG Mobile Winter Mode. These crates are Artic Crates where you will find, Heaters, Drones. etc.

Artic Crate
Artic Crate

You will be lucky if you find one Artic Crate but your enemy will be luckier if you did not use the heater and drone before you die.

How to collect these items?

You can collect the Branches, Chicken from their spawn locations like other items in the game, and you will find the special items like Body Heater and/or Drones from the Artic Crates.

Another way to collect these items is you can kill your enemy and find the same items in his/her crate and use them if you are luckier enough.

Tip: While Playing this Artic Mode/ Winter Mode in PUBG Mobile try to stay warm, Branches, Chicken and heater are same important as Medkits and Bullets.