Mobile Phones Supporting PUBG Mobile at 90FPS

Not only Oneplus but lots of mobile phones are ready to support PUBG Mobile at 90FPS and 120FPS too. As we know the PUBG Mobile Chinese version that is also known as Game for peace gets early updates than global versions. This is a reason we get this 90FPS update late this month.

PUBG Mobile 6 August 2020 Update is supporting the Global version of PUBG Mobile at 90FPS those mobiles like Oneplus 8 are capable can play this game at 90FPS now.

The bad news is the latest Phone released by Oneplus that is Oneplus Nord does not support PUBG Mobile at 90 FPS and so if you are thinking all Oneplus mobile are capable then let me correct you, this is not true.

PUBG Mobile Released 90 FPS Feature

The support for 90fps gameplay is exclusive to the aforementioned OnePlus phones until September 6, and OnePlus says the support excludes China, Japan, and Korea.

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List of Mobile Phones Supporting PUBG Mobile at 90FPS:

Here are some Mobile phones by all companies that support Mobile games like PUBG Mobile and others at 90 FPS and some also support 120 FPS.

The PUBG Mobile 1.0 Beta Update has 90 FPS Gaming/Ultra HD settings try it on your phone if it supports

SRMobile PhonePrice Range (Approx)
1OnePlus 7T Pro₹47999/-
2OnePlus 8₹45999/-
3OnePlus 8 Pro₹54999/-
4Galaxy Note 20 Ultra₹97999/-
5Galaxy S20 Ultra₹87999/-
6Asus ROG Phone 3₹49999/-
7Pixel 4₹78999/-

Not only these 7 mobile phones but all those mobile phones using Snapdragon 865 processor or Snapdragon 865+ processor are supporting this 90FPS gaming feature.

PUBG Mobile working on 120 FPS

It might be some technical fault or rumor but Oneplus Nord is updating something so that that mobile can also support the 90 FPS Gaming. As a leading mobile company in quality and price Oneplus is also developing its mobile phones that will support Mobile Games like PUBG Mobile at 120FPS in the future.

And if Mobile hardware is ready to support that much of FPS then why Mobile games will remain behind? I think Mobile gaming will take over the Console and PC gaming soon.

How to change PUBG Mobile to 90FPS Setting?

There was some kind of update on 6th August if you have updated the PUBG Mobile then you can change this Graphic setting. For this, you need to have a Mobile phone supporting 90FPS or Mobile with Snapdragon 865 processor.

The PUBG Mobile Ultra Frame Rate setting is actually supporting the 60 FPS gaming but to enhance this experience You can Play the PUBG Mobile at 90FPS from now.

  • Go to PUBG Mobile Setting and click on Graphics Settings
  • Check if you already using the Ultra Frame rate setting.
  • After Update, you will see a 90 FPS Option after Ultra Setting.
  • select the 90 FPS option and Restart your Game.
  • It is obvious to notice some difference between 60FPS and 90FPS if you play regularly.