How to Activate PUBG Mobile Night Mode – A Good Answer

While I was playing with one of my fans, he suddenly asked me “Sir! How can I Activate PUBG Mobile Night Mode“. As I heard him I just got confused for a while and then laugh at myself. Because I was playing PUBG Mobile so long and how can I even get confused before answering him. 😃😃

The Answer is: You can not activate the Night Mode in PUBG Mobile, as its and default feature that can be found while you are playing a Classic Match in Erangel Map.

Detailed Answer for PUBG Mobile Night Mode:

As I mentioned the beginning of this story above; I answered him with the same Sentence I have mentioned above in the Answer Section.

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But still, he was confused, because his friend was tricking him and just because he was a new Player to PUBG Mobile his friends just teasing him, with “We have a trick to play PUBG Mobile in Night Mode, and just because you are new here you can not play the Night Mode.”

But then I made him comfortable in the gameplay and during our chat, I just guide him with the trick. and explained to him how he can unlock the Night Mode while playing PUBG Mobile. Note what I said to him.

How you can Activate Night Mode in PUBG Mobile?

  • You can not activate the PUBG Mobile Night Mode.
  • PUBG Mobile Night Mode was launched in the 8th or 9th Update. (maybe)
  • This Mode is available for all Players.
  • You just have to Play a Classic Mode Match in Erangel Map.
  • The Night Mode is random, you can not guarantee that you will get to play this mode in every match.
  • To check the Night Mode just look at right bottom corner Day/Night will be written for a night mode match.

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In this way, he understood his friends were making fun of him and thanked me for helping. Then I search the same term on Google and found one good answer on Quora I will mention the screenshot below.

quora answer to Activate Night Mode in PUBG Mobile

The purpose of sharing this incident is to making fun of your friends is good but don’t take it personally and talk with your friends and understand each other if your kidding is not adjustable to each other.

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