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PUBG Mobile Gender Change – 4 Steps to Change Character Gender

PUBG Mobile Gender Change is a quite funny topic 😃😃 I ever saw. I don’t know why do Male players do change their PUBG Character gender to Female??

If you know the answer please do comment and share this article with your friend who is doing the same thing 😃.

Easy Steps to PUBG Mobile Gender Change:

If you want to use a different gender in PUBG Mobile, or you want to come back to the original gender whatever is the reason just follow these following steps:

Once you complete the Character Change process don’t forget to change your name – Here 6 Steps to change your Name in PUBG Mobile

Note: At this moment when I am writing this PUBG Mobile have introduced 3 new characters so if you want to change the gender then you will have to use the default character in PUBG Mobile.

Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile and go to Inventory option and Click on Character Option.

Select Default PUBG Mobile Character

Select Default PUBG Mobile Character

Step 2: Now change your character to the default PUBG Mobile character (Placed at 1st position)

Now Go to appearance

Now Go to appearance

Step 3: Then you need to go to the Appearance option showing at the right screen.

Get Cool Cat Set For Free

Get Cool Cat Set For Free

Step 4:  Now you can change your look and Gender. Now do your PUBG Mobile Gender Change and if you are changing it to Female character the I will offer you an outfit worth 200 UC for Free. Take this PUBG Mobile Outfit for Free.

That’s it you have successfully changed the PUBG Mobile Character Gender. Enjoy your game.

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