Pubg Mobile India Series Registration – PMIS 2020

One of the biggest PUBG Mobile Tournament Pubg Mobile India Series 2020 is coming up from 6th May 2020. PUBG Mobile players can Register along with their squad on the PUBG Mobile India official website.

This Registration will be free for all and will begin on 6th May 2020 on India’s official website of PUBG Mobile. “Pool Prize worth ₹50,00,000

About Pubg Mobile India Series:

The Pubg Mobile India Series is just for Indian PUBG Mobile players where anybody can register to play and need to qualify for the tournament in the 1st phase.

This following video will explain to you, in short, what about this PMIS 2020 Tournament.

Then qualified players fight for their survival and Ranking in the Group Stage Tournament. But this time all new teams have to prove them against India’s top 8 teams. You know those top teams if don’t then just leave PUBG Mobile now.

Last year, in PMIS 2019, SouL lifted the trophy, followed by God’s Reign in second place.

PMIS Tournament 2020 Format

Stage 1 – RegistrationYou will have to visit the official PUBG Mobile India website and Register your team, Registrations are open from 6th May – Register Here
Stage 2 – Qualifier -InGameRegistered Teams will fight for In-Game Qualification where the best of 10 Game scores will be considered from a total of 15 games. (248 Tams will be qualified)
Stage 3 – Qualifier – SeriesThe total of 248 Qualified teams and top 8 invited teams will fight here to be in the Quater Final top 56 Teams
Stage 4 – Quater FinalThe total 56 Teams will fight here to make their place in top 32 Teams
Stage 5 – Semi-FinalAll 32 Teams will fight here for PMIS Grand Finals and take place in Top 16 Teams
Stage 6 – FinalAlong with all 16 Finalist, we will get the top 3 Winners of PUBG Mobile India Series 2020

You can watch This Tournament Live Here

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