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PUBG Mobile Tier Protection – Easy Guide 2020

The PUBG Mobile Tier protection is a system that protects your RP rating when you, unfortunately, get killed early in the Classic Squad Match. This Tier Protection option is to save your tier ranking if you get killed sooner in the game.

How does PUBG Mobile Tier Protection work?

Note: This Tier Protection system only works in 2 conditions:

  • If you Activate Tier Protection using the Tier Protection Card.
  • And you are playing the Squad Match only with your friends, not with Random Players.

Here are some limitations on Using the PUBG Mobile Tier Protection System:

  1. The Rank V from each tier will grant 3 tier protections.
  2. The Rank IV to I of each tier will grant 1 tier protection each.
  3. And Conqueror and Ace tier will grant 3 tier protections.

PUBG Mobile Tier Protection Card

So use the Tier Protection wisely according to your current Tier Ranking. I will suggest using this Tier Protection Rating card in the End days of Royale Pass. Because when a new Royale Pass launch we all get some decrease in the Tier Ranking.

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How to Use Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile?

There is no special trick or any steps to use this Tier Protection Mechanism. You just have to consider all possibilities as mention above and use the Tier Protection Card.

  • Go to the Inventory and check if you have any Tier Protection Card
  • Click on the Card and it will show USE Button
  • Click the USE button to activate your Tier Protection.

The best part of Tier Protection card is you will loos very less tier XP points when you perform bad during some Classic Squad match

And sometimes PUBG Mobile brings some events once a Season, like an event shown below. During this event, you will get to use the Tier Protection for some extra limit and will get some exciting Rewards for using the Tier Protection Card.

Good News: You will get this 5 Match protection daily till Event Ends.

tier protection event

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