Hey PUBG players, As you all know PUBG Mobile don’t need any reason for crashing. PUBG Mobile Crashing Problem has become part of gaming now. Because of that, we are not able to complete the resource pack download.

The main reason for PUBG Mobile Game Crashing is the Update If you have noticed when the update is going to be launched or is launched this game keeps crashing multiple times.

PUBG Mobile Crashing Problem because:

  • In the last 7 days of End of Royale Pass Season.
  • In the First 10 days of Royale Pass Season.
  • A day before new PUBG Mobile Update
  • A day after PUBG Mobile New Update.

#1 In the Last 7 Days of End of Royale Pass Season:

When its time to say the current PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season, the Tencent advertise and send a notification to all PUBG Mobile players. Like happened yesterday I got a notification about “Last 7 days in Royale Pass Season

And all players including the Regular Players + Temperory players open the game at once and try to push their tier ranking and some try to get the remaining rewards this Royale Pass Season.

This increase the server load and hence the PUBG Mobile crashing Problem occurs, This is like you heard about your college results and when you try to get your report card online the website either crash or becomes too slow.

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#2 In the First 10 Days of Royale Pass Season:

As I mentioned above the same thing happens here, as the PUBG Mobile New season launches everybody wants to know what’s in it and wants to get the item before anybody gets it.

This is called peer pressure of gaming don’t worry I am also one of you and always want to get the skin before my friend gets it.

But this race of getting all the rewards and reaching 100 RP first increase the sudden server load on Tencent and PUBG Mobile crashing Problem happens.

#3 Before and After PUBG Mobile Update:

Before the PUBG Mobile update is launched Tencent team is already working on the new beta update and sometimes the testing causes bugs in the original version. You can also become a PUBG Mobile Beta tester.

Same for After PUBG Mobile Update launch, The development team is not able to test every function but once all of us join the new update we test the PUBG Mobile with our own view.

During this, some of use may find some glitches and bugs. But sometimes this problem gets worse and PUBG Mobile Crashing Problem may occur.

But you can report them to Tencent and then we get a small update just after 1 or 2 days.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Crashing Problem?

Fix 1: Clear Game Cache and Restart the Game

Fix 2: Turn on and off your Wifi or Internet connection and try again

Fix 3: Clear your Device Cache and Restart your Internet connection and try again.

Fix 4; Use Game Mode application that will boost your Mobile Performance while you Play PUBG Mobile.

Fix 5: Final Option wait for the Tencent to fix this issue