Monster Puzzle in PUBG Mobile [PUBG X Godzilla Event]

What is Monster Puzzle?

Monster Puzzle is a daily event which is held from 9th June to 23rd June 2019. As we know PUBG Mobile had Crossover with Godzilla a few days ago. As a result of it, PUBG Mobile launched lots of mysterious gifts, stickers, rewards in the last few days. And PUBG Mobile will not stop this gifting and adding Events until the Crossover is over or till the next PUBG Mobile Update.

As a result of this crossover, a new event has launched on this Sunday, called Monster Puzzle event. This event has some rewards and those who complete by daily visiting this event will be rewarded with exciting gifts and PUBG Crate cards.

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The Rewards and PUBG Mobile Crate Cards are shown in the event or you can check the image given below where you will get to know what are the event prizes/Rewards.

What are the Rewards in Monster Puzzle?

There is a total of 3 Rewards in this Monster Puzzle Event. You can earn them by completing the puzzle by daily login and visiting this event page.

  1. Silver coins:- If you unlock 4 Puzzle Piece then you will get Silver Coins
  2. PUBG Mobile Crate Coupon:- If you unlock 8 Puzzle Piece then you will get this Coupon.
  3. T-Shirt:- You will get this white T-shirt (Godzilla Printed). If you Unlock 12 Pieces of this Puzzle.

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All rewards are based on pieces you unlock by daily login and visiting this PUBG Mobile Monster Puzzle Event Page. If you are willing to Unlock the T-shirt, then do not go for the first 2 Rewards because I don’t think you will be able to unlock all of them at once.

Rewards in Godzilla Monster Puzzle Event
Rewards in Godzilla Monster Puzzle Event

First, earn for T-shirt and then try to get other two rewards or you will not get the T-shirt if you spend the Pieces on the other two rewards. Because there are Total 12 pieces of Puzzle only.

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How to Participate in PUBG Mobile Monster Puzzle?

  • Open PUBG Mobile Game.
  • Then go to Event Section.
  • Then look for Monster Puzzle in the Event list and click on it.
  • Then Click on the Go Button in Monster Puzzle Event.
  • You will see the Puzzle image you find.
  • Repeat this process daily to win 1 piece daily.
How to Participate in Monster Puzzle Event
How to Participate in Monster Puzzle Event

Event Rules:- Visit and Login Daily to get a random Puzzle Piece. You need to collect min. 4 pieces to get the reward. And Complete the Puzzle to get the Final reward (T-shirt). Rewards Limited 1 per Player. You can check official PUBG Mobile news here.

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