PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.0 is Rolling Out in June 2019 – Download Now!!

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.0 - Beta is Live

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.0 – Beta is Live

PUBG Mobile Recent Update v 0.12.5 made a big difference in the gameplay. A New Companion was the most favorite thing that players used and took photos with it. But I think because of COD Mobile is Launching this Month and it has better Gaming than PUBG Mobile; so PUBG Mobile is rolling out its new Update V 0.13.0. The Beta Version is already out.

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.0 Includes:

  • TDM – Team Death Match Mode
  • A New SMG Gun “Bizon”
  • New Loading Screen
  • Kar 98 Skins
  • New Emotes
  • New Voice to Quick Chat
  • You can change TPP to FPP any time
  • Foot and Vehicle Traces in Vikendi

As like every time PUBG Mobile Release a new update on 17th to 20 of every month with some new items and events. But this time the PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.5 has a serious reason. The COD Mobile is going to be launched in the global server in June 2019 with multiple new features. To compete with it PUBG Mobile will do whatever is necessary.

Godzilla Avatar Frames in new Update
Godzilla Avatar Frames in new Update

As this PUBG Mobile Update is a Crossover with Godzilla Movie, you might see some Posters, Graffiti/Paintings, T-shirts of Godzilla in PUBG Mobile.

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The glitches may get solved as COD Mobile is Promising no game lag and glitches in their global version. PUBG Mobile Ultra HD Option may get Unlocked to compete with COD Mobile. And the main game format of COD Mobile Multiplayer Battle 5 vs 5 will come to PUBG Mobile Calling it as Team Death Match with 4 vs 4 Battle.

TDM – Team Death Match in PUBG Mobile:

This mode is similar to COD Mobile Online Multiplayer Mode. Here you will get to play Squad vs Squad option, it’s up to you whether you want to play 2 vs 4 or 4 vs 4. You will have to play on a small map with your team and kill the opponent multiple time in a limited time period. More you kill more the chances of winning.

Team Death Match Mode in PUBG Mobile with Godzilla
Team Death Match Mode in PUBG Mobile with Godzilla

If you haven’t played COD Multiplayer mode, you can compare it like a Counter-Strike match. Kill your Enemy earn points and win the battle.

New SMG Gun – Bizon:

PUBG Mobile new update 0.13.0 is adding a new SMG gun “Bizon” with Maximum Reload Capacity of 50 bullets in Mag. This gun will use 9 MM bullets ammo, and in attachments, only Mag, muzzle, and Scopes will be useful. Because of its Magazine structure, this gun does not use any kind of Foregrip Attachments.

Bizon SMG Gun in PUBG Mobile
Bizon SMG Gun in PUBG Mobile

Bizon is already added to the beta version of PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0, now it’s up to PUBG Mobile to launch it on Global version or not.

Foot Tracing in Vikendi Map:

I feel this feature is really cool; because when you walk or use any vehicle in ICE having traces on ICE make game realistic. Now if you find any footsteps or vehicle traces on the ICE in Vikendi then you can make an assumption that your enemy is nearby.

Traces in Vikendi ICE
Traces in Vikendi ICE

In this PUBG Mobile new update, Vikendi will be full and you will not see the Vikendi (bets) now. This means Map is fully loaded and the update mention above may come to the global version.

Change FPP to TPP and TPP to FPP:

This Cool feature; I don’t know whether it’s a cool feature or not but most of COD Mobile Players stated this feature is so cool. According to PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.0, this feature is coming to PUBG Mobile Royal Battle where you can switch your Gameplay Mode from FPP to TPP and TPP to FPP any time in the game.

Change region and TPP to fpp
Change region and TPP to FPP and FPP to TPP

Earlier this feature was only available in COD Mobile, but as the fans also loved it, this might happen that PUBG Mobile will launch this feature in the Global Version in New PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0

To Know More info Watch the video given below:

How to Download PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta Version:

Downloading PUBG Mobile Beta Update will not harm your Global Version. But make sure your phone supports two PUBG Mobile Games. As this Beta version size is near about 2 GB and if your phone is of good Configuration then you can install it too. But if not then you need to free some space or uninstall the Global PUBG Mobile Game.

Android Version:

IOS Version:

Steps to install new Update:-

  1. Download the Recommended File For your Device and Open Download Folder.
  2. Click on downloaded file
  3. Allow installation of unknown sources if you haven’t enabled it yet by navigating to settings>safety and privacy> Install apps from Unknown Sources
  4. Now, wait for the file to install in your phone. It may take up to 5-10 minutes depending on your phone performance.
  5. After completion of installation just Open the PUBG Mobile beta app and Sign In using the Guest account.
  6. Congrats, you can play the PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.0 Beta Version.

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