PUBG Mobile New Update [Leaks before 19th June]

PUBG Mobile New Update Leaks

PUBG Mobile New Update:

The current season 7 is going to reach its half of completion. That is week 4 and a new update as always will be released on 19th to 21st of This month. This new Update version is going to be PUBG Mobile New Update V 0.13.0, and this update may surprise you with some new things in PUBG Mobile.

A few days ago the Erngel v2 news went viral that Remastered Erangel map is coming soon. Though it will take some time to come to PUBG Mobile, who knows if Tencent says the Erangel Map will be available form this PUBG Mobile New Update then?

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Few Leaks from PUBG Mobile New Update:

  1. Erangel V2.0
  2. BRDM Vehicle
  3. Helicopter
  4. Riot Shield

You might know a few of the above updates but I am sure you don’t know the detailing about them. Let’s discuss these leaks in more detail. For Upcoming Official announcement, you can check PUBG Mobile news Page Here.

Erangel 2.0:

Erangel 2.0 Map is going to be the best ever map in PUBG. Just think even though Erangel Map was old one about 2 years old Map and still, it was the Most Popular Map in PUBG. Erangel was played by around 70% Players and is played by 70% players now. But what if you have to take some efforts this map again? Would you like to Play this map again? Because you have to find some new locations.

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Everything is going to change Buildings, Spawn Items Location. We don’t know if Lipovoka became next Pochinki. Who knows only PUBG Owners can decide what to make and what to remove.

PUBG Erangel Map Remastered
PUBG Erangel Map Remastered

If you have not read about Erangel V 2.0 then read our another article in detail link is given below.

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BRDM Vehicle:

BRDM is a new War type vehicle that can be used on Land and water. This BRDM Vehicle will replace the Bulletproof UAZ which we were getting in Flare drop. Now, this vehicle is going to rock in PUBG Mobile New Update, because the BRDM is unbreakable type Vehicle. This BRDM Vehicle Can Rn on the Road on Mountains and even on Water.

Erangel 2.0 Abstractions
PUBG – BRDM Vehicle

So if you have to cross the water then you can take the same vehicle across the water without using the bridge. Even if you want to use the bridge and if it’s already camped then don’t worry this BRDM vehicle can easily break the Car Brigades and go through it.

Helicopters in PUBG:

When I saw this news I was shocked that PUBG Mobile is going to launch the Helicopters? OMG! But it might be true because the Biggest competitor of PUBG Ever that is Call of Duty is coming in Battle Royal with Mobile Version. And the beta version was quite successful, the most attractive thing players liked in COD Mobile is the Helicopter.

If you want to go anywhere then you can simply use the Helicopter and fly over there. And soon we will see these Helicopters in PUBG Mobile New Update.

PUBG Mobile Leak Helicopter
PUBG Mobile Leak Helicopter

But as per I think about PUBG – PUBG will not ruin the gameplay because Helicopter may harm the PUBG Mobile Realistic gameplay. So even if PUBG Added the Helicopter then that will be either called with Flare gun or will be available in very rare areas.

Riot Shield in PUBG Mobile:

The name says itself, you might have seen this shield in latest PUBG Mobile New Update Video. If not, then don’t worry soon you will see this shield in PUBG Mobile. This is actually a Riot Control Shield Used by Police to protect themselves.

PUBG Mobile Riot Shield
PUBG Mobile Riot Shield

This is an epic weapon so it might possible that you will get this shield only in Flare drop. But if PUBG starts giving everything in Flare drop only then how players could enjoy the gameplay? So it might happen that Shield may be made common when you have an SMG or Pistol only and you got the Shield then you can use it to cover yourself to protect and get back to your team.

This situation only happens in two places either in Georgo or in Novo. And as per my assumption, we can expect this shield only in these two locations.

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