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How to Report COD Mobile Hackers? – Step by Step guide

Yes, its time to share something about COD Mobile hackers! As the game released on 1st Oct 2019. I started playing it like you all. And I love the game it is designed. But then I got to know about the Rookie Mission in Multiplayer Mode too.

Then I started playing to increase my rank from Rookie to more. But then I got in contact with a Hacker enemy.

Types of COD Mobile Hackers I have Faced:

  1. Flying Hacker they jump from building to building.
  2. Unlimited HP can handle much high damage.
  3. Speed hackers can kill you with a knife.

When I played against the first type of COD Mobile hackers they were jumping from one building to another. And this hacker was killing all my 5 teammates by just flying in the air and jumping from building to building.

When I played against the second type of COD Mobile Hacker then I used the LMG gun. But even after firing the whole reload round of bullets he successfully killed me. This happened 3 to 4 times then I got to know about this HP hack.

Then I got in contact with the third hacker in COD Mobile and I quit Playing COD Mobile. This hacker was so fast that any of my teammates were not able to kill him with any GUN. And that hacker was just killing us with his knife.

In all of those three matches, these hackers were MVP players.

COD Mobile Winner Screen

COD Mobile Winner Screen

How to Report COD Mobile Hackers?

Here is one Drawback of COD Mobile while you Report hackers, You can only report one hacker, multiple reporting options is not available in this.

To report that hacker please follow the steps given below:

  • While you Play any MP that is Multiplayer Mode in COD Mobile and you find a hacker in your team or enemy team, just wait till the match end.
  • After the match ends you will see a winner screen and then skip this screen.
  • Then you will see a screen where you can check all player’s stats, there you will see a red triangle at the right top with ‘!’ Sign.
  • Click on that triangle and you will see all players from both team; your team and your enemy team.
  • Now choose the player then choose the option you want to report, you can also report your teammate for any verbal abuse, or for hurting teammate.
  • After you choose any one option please make sure you choose only one player because you can report anyone hacker at a time.
  • Then you will see a box where you can explain your complaint against that player, you can put your opinion in that text box.
  • Congrats you have successfully reported that hacker.
Report COD Mobile Hacker

Report COD Mobile Hacker

Rest of the story about COD Mobile Hackers and Me:

As I just crossed my Rookie Rank then I faced these types of hackers. First I just ignored them for the first 2 matches than when I loose back to back 5 to 6 match then I just reported the hackers and then stopped playing COD Mobile for near about two days.

Then I started my COD Mobile Journey again, I just start matching but I think COD Mobile has not many players that play Multiplayer Mode now. Or Even When I tried to match in Squad for Battle Royale then even I didn’t found any match.

There may be two possibilities, either COD Mobile Blocked me from playing in Squad or COD Mobile may lose the trust from Players side due to COD Mobile hackers.

These hackers pull-down COD Mobile from the Race in between PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile. I know comparing this two-game is not possible. They both have their own audience and both of the games give different levels of feeling.

I love both games but due to hackers in PUBG Mobile, I left playing PUBG Mobile and now the COD Mobile Hackers are pushing me out of the COD Mobile Interest box.

If you are the one who has faced these COD Mobile Hackers and wants to report them then following steps and report the gameplay.

Disclaimer: Images used in this article are not my Originals they are used from Google search, I forgot to take the screenshot while reporting but for your example and to the better understanding I shared those images here.