How to choose best Trigger for PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile?

How to Choose the Best Trigger?

Before we choose the best trigger lets get to know what is a trigger? A trigger is a switch used to control extra controls on mobile games, like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, etc.

Choosing the best trigger is really confusing to work and it becomes hard when you are new to it. If you are a PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile player and just want to enhance your gaming experience by adding gaming triggers to your mobile. Then this article will help you to choose your first best trigger.

There are lots of triggers available in the online markets like AMAZON and FLIPKART under 9$ or 699 INR. But choosing the right one the best gaming trigger for your Mobile becomes hard.

I will not share lots of triggers here or not a single Affiliate link but a single gaming trigger that I personally liked the most. But before that let’s check some features that a Gaming trigger must-have.

Features of the Best Trigger:

According to me to be the best trigger a Mobile Gaming Trigger must have the following features.

  • Compatible for the maximum type of devices.
  • Flexible and lightweight to use.
  • Easy to use body structure
  • Not harmful to the Mobile screen
  • Click to respond frequency must synchronize.
  • Look design must be cool if possible (not compulsory)

The Best Trigger Flydigi Stinger Controller

Flydigi Stinger Controller
Fast Installation – CapAir Mapping Technology is developed to achieve connection without Bluetooth
iOS & Android Supported
High-Frequency Click: Long Press for 8 times/second auto tap on your screen. (Best for AR like M16A4)
Super Portable: Ergonomic design for secure and comfortable holding.
Long Battery Life: Battery life for up to 80 hours.
Available to buy on AMAZON for only 12$ (No Affiliate link) : BUY Here
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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