There is a number of ways by that you can earn Game credits and here I am with How to get 4000 Diamonds in Mobile Legends? It will look fake but I am here to share some real stuff that how you can earn real 4000 Diamonds in your Mobile Legends account. And I promise after this you won’t search for How to get Diamonds in Mobile Legends on google.

So to take the full calculation and work it may take some time but you will finally have your Mobile Legends account with lots of Diamonds.

Ways to Get 4000 Diamonds in Mobile Legends:

If you take a look at the following ways to earn Diamonds and then we calculate the total you will definitely get shocked that you can really earn some big amoung plus Diamonds.

  • Bind your account with Facebook and VK Social Media profile and get 100 Diamonds for each.
  • Participate in GiveAways on Youtube
  • Stream online and earn Diamonds
  • Join ML Tournaments and win prizes+Diamonds
  • Use Mobile Application to earn points and convert them into Diamonds.

Bind your Account with Social Media like Facebook and VK:

I hope you have done this process as it is also asked by the game to you to bind your Mobile legends to account with your social media and don’t miss your progress. This will also help you in adding your first step to Get 4000 Diamonds in Mobile Legends.

Binding your account with Social Media like Facebook and Vk will give you 100 Diamonds each which means you can get free 200 Diamonds in your Mobile Legends Account by just signing in your Social Media account.

Mobile Legends How To Get Free Diamonds No Hack
Mobile Legends How To Get Free Diamonds No Hack

Here is another trick: if you make some fake accounts and earn diamonds then you can use the option of Send Diamonds to your Friend and get those diamonds in your original account.

Let’s assume you made 5 accounts and earn 200 each then 5X200=1000. You can easily earn 1000 Diamonds here by just using this single trick.

Participate in GiveAways on Youtube and Earn ML Diamonds:

There are lots of gaming YouTubers online who stream and entertain their audience, and sometimes to compete with other YouTubers they announce GiveAways for the game they play.

So to participate in such GiveAways you will have to search those Youtubers and subscribe to them and participate in the latest GiveAways and if you become the lucky one you can earn the Mobile Legends Diamonds prize from 100 Diamonds to 1000 Diamonds easily.

I can understand this is being a lucky part to win any giveaway but I will count this 1000 ML diamonds in our Get 4000 Diamonds in Mobile Legends trick.

Stream Online and Get 4000 Diamonds in Mobile Legends:

Streaming online is an art, art of entertainment. If you are good at making people laugh while gaming then you are best suitable for Live Game Streaming.

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In short, it will take a lot of effort and dedication. So make sure that you’ll really enjoy streaming your games and creating a community—not because you only want the Diamonds!

Here are some vouchers that viewers can donate to the Live Streamer in the form of gifts and you can convert it later in your account.

  • Flower: 2 Diamonds
  • Jewelry: 6 Diamonds
  • Roadster: 250 Diamonds
  • Yacht: 1000 Diamonds
  • Airplane: 5000 Diamonds
Live Stream and Earn Diamonds
Live Stream and Earn Diamonds

Join Tournaments and Win Diamonds in Mobile Legends:

There is nothing to explain about this part, similar to PUBG Mobile you will find lots of tournaments for Mobile legends. Just be sure you will not get fooled by fake websites.

When you are going to participate in any tournaments please be sure the website is old and popular on YouTube and Facebook. also ask in some communities you will find lots of more Tournament where competition is low and you can earn some Prize and Diamonds also.

Mobile Legends Tournaments
Mobile Legends Tournaments

Even if we consider a small Mobile Legends Tournament then the Prize amount will be not less than 1000 Diamonds. And here is one more way you can earn a part of 4000 Diamonds in Mobile Legends.

Third-Party Mobile APk to Earn Diamonds:

This is somehow a lengthy process, you will have to complete some tasks and then the Application will give you some points in the wallet. there are lots of Applications that also provides real cash option and Google Pay cards.

How to get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends
How to get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

You can redeem those options and convert or use them to Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds. You won’t earn that much diamonds from this trick but is ok to earn up to 500 Diamonds in Mobile Legends.

Some apps you can visit our other articles like:

If we count the total then from each tip shared above you will earn 4500 Diamonds and so this article is really helpful to Get 4000 Diamonds in Mobile Legends.

Please let us know in the comment box if you like this article or not. thanks for reading this article.