Get COD Mobile Golden Crate worth 70 CP 🤑🤑 for Free

COD Mobile Golden Crate:

The Golden Crate in COD Mobile is one of the special crates that you can buy using COD Points that is CP. But COD Mobile is allowing us to use the Credit Money or C money in COD Mobile to buy the Golden Crate Tickets and convert them into COD Mobile Golden Crate.

You will need to have 10 Golden Crate Tickets to get one Golden Crate. And one Golden Crate Ticket is worth 60 C Points. I love this offer because we are getting our C points to use and if we calculate it then we need 10 tickets that are 600 C points to become worth 70 COD Points.

Golden Crate Ticket
Golden Crate Ticket

That’s Awesome and not less than converting the COD Mobile Credits into CP money.

Steps to Get COD Mobile Golden Crate:

Getting a COD Mobile Golden Crate worth 70 CP in COD Mobile is easy just use your CP money, but getting it without CP money is a little hard just have a look over the following steps.

  • You have to go to the store in COD Mobile
  • then go into C section.
  • there look for golden crate ticket “worth 60C”
  • Purchase it, as you can have only 4 in one day.
  • This means you will take minimum 3 days for 1 Golden Crate and 5 days for 2.
  • like this keep purchasing 4 tickets every day and keep storing the COD Mobile Golden Crate.
  • When you think its low time in your server location then only use the crates. Because when more players are online your chance to get epic items to get becomes less.
Golden Crate Ticket Store
Golden Crate Ticket Store

What’s inside the Golden Crate in COD Mobile?

Now you will think why this golden crate is so important although it is worth 70 CP what’s inside it? You might have some CP in your COD Mobile account but there are lots of players like me those who don’t purchase CP or UC. We just love free items in the game. And this COD Mobile Golden Crate is similar to them.

Check out what’s inside that Golden Crate of COD Mobile?

  • Guns Skin
  • Grenade Skins
  • Parachute Skin
  • Wingsuit skin
  • C Points

this means you will never go return with empty hands once you open this crate.

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