Get Goliath in COD Mobile:

A new Event from Today that is 31st Jan 2020 has been started here you will get a new COD Mobile Scorestreak that is Goliath in COD Mobile. This event will end on the 13th of Feb 2020 but you will only need some 2 hours to complete the whole event challenges. Here we are going to discuss how to unlock the Goliath in COD Mobile and How you can use it.

COD Mobile Goliath Features:

  • It is an MP Scorestreak
  • Useful as an Armor against airstrike by enemy
  • You need to call it by airdrop
  • Has its own Armor Limit that can defend you from Enemy Air Strike
  • You can easily kill your enemy Like a Terminator.
  • You can also damage Enemy Air Strike Helicopter using this Goliath Suit.
COD Mobile New Scorestreak XS1 Goliath
COD Mobile New Scorestreak XS1 Goliath

In this Goliath in COD Mobile Event, you need to complete some missions like given below that can be easily completed and you just have to earn 100 points to unlock the Goliath Scorestreak.

Missions are like given below:

  • Kill enemies using Scorestreak
  • Use Grenade in MP Match
  • Play BR Match and Get Damage
  • Travel in BR Match

I would suggest you read all the missions before you start completing them. Because if you know them you can complete all in one match.


How to use Goliath in COD Mobile?

There is some limit you need to achieve by killing enemies, like all scorestreak in COD Mobile Multiplayer Matches. After that, you will unlock this Goliath Scorestreak in that MP Match.


  • Once you unlock the Scorestreak just select it then you will get a smoke grenade in your hand.
  • After that throw that in a safe landing place like you call an airdrop in MP Match.
  • After that, your Air Supply with Goliath Suit will be landed during the match
  • Now go to the drop and Activate the Goliath Suit in COD Mobile.
  • Use the Goliath to kill your enemies; have fun.