COD Mobile Latest Events – Win Backpack, M16 Camo and 1050C within 7 Days

With the start of the new month, first week COD Mobile launched 3 brand new Events. By playing these COD Mobile Latest Events in Battle Royale and Multiplayer Mode during this First week of November will let you win many epic rewards.

Rewards you can win in First 10 Days:

  • 1050 C Coins
  • Backpack with the Magic eye Design
  • 4 Battle Crates
  • M16 with Abnormality Camo
  • New Skill “Airborne”
  • Medic with Melon Camo
  • Mechanic with Melon Camo
  • MSMC with Abnormality Camo

COD Mobile Latest Events to Earn these Rewards:

  • Limited Time Daily Login – Till 14 Nov
  • Battle Royale Challenge – Till 10 Nov
  • Personal Milestone Event – Till 14 Nov
  • New Battle Royale Chip Event “Airborne” – Till 11 Nov
  • Daily Login Rewards – Lifetime

The Last Event is for login daily rewards. This is what we see first when we log in to the COD Mobile game. But I just included it just because of this daily login is giving us up to 500 C coins and a Battle Crate.

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Rest are COD Mobile Latest Events that are just launched on the 1st of Nov and some are launched on the 4th of Nov this Monday.

If you really want to earn more and more skins in COD Mobile, then this is the time try now. Or once this game hit PUBG Mobile and lots of Player started Playing COD Mobile then there will be very little chance to win any reward for free.

Let’s check the missions under each from all COD Mobile Latest Events and earn all these rewards in limited time.

Limited Time Daily login:

This is similar to the main daily login rewards, you just keep coming and collect rewards in it.

Battle Royale Challenge:

This event Battle Royale Challenge is valid for this week only from Monday to Sunday. During this time period, you can win a total of 350 C coins and 2 Battle Royale Crates. This is one of the simplest events among all COD Mobile Latest Events.

Battle Royale Challenge
Battle Royale Challenge


  • Reach in the top 10 for 10 times in Battle Royale and collect your rewards.

Personal Milestone Event:

Here, you will get a chance to win the Backpack with Magic eye design and for this, you need to complete your COD Mobile Latest Events missions from 4th Nov to 14th Nov 2019.

Personal Milestone Event
Personal Milestone Event


  • Kill 5 enemies in MP Match
  • Hit 5 Headshots in MP Match (Try Kill house using Sniper)
  • Kill 3 Enemies in Battle Royale
  • Earn 15 medals in MP Matches
  • Drive a total of 300 meters with any vehicle in Battle Royale. (I used Helicopter)
  • Use operator skill 4 times in MP Match.
  • Reach top 15 twice in Battle Royale
  • Use 3 emotes in Battle Royale (any emote 3 times or three emotes)
  • Deal total 20,000 Damage in Battle Royale (Tip: will need to play 30 Matches/ use helicopter and get damage from Blue Zone and complete this mission in 5 to 10 Matches)
  • Cumulative Login for 5 Days

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After completing all of these Missions you will unlock the Backpack permanently in your Loadout. This mission needs some patience and eagerness to earn the Backpack Skin.

New Battle Royale Chip Event – Airborne:

This is an epic event among all COD Mobile Latest Events because you can earn 200 C points 1 Battle Crate, an M16 Abnormality Camo and a Battle Royale Specialist Skill to Fly and glide yourself to the other location in the map.

To earn rewards in this COD Mobile Event you need to complete some mission tasks from 4th Nov to 11th Nov 2019.

New Battle Royale Chip Event – Airborne
New Battle Royale Chip Event – Airborne


  • Use 2 Specialist Skill in Battle Royale.
  • Use 1 Specialist Skill in Battle Royale.
  • Play 1 Battle Royale match
  • Kill 5 Enemies in Battle Royale
  • Log in for 3 Days.
  • Get a place in the top 10 in Battle Royale 2 times.
  • Survive a total of 3000 Seconds in Battle Royale.
  • Play 2 Matches of Battle Royale.
  • Kill 10 Enemies in Battle Royale.

I think this last on the event is Epic and somehow easy to complete among all COD Mobile Latest Events. I am going to complete all these events and get my COD Mobile Character a new Skin for Backpack, M16 and others to buy from C Store.

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