COD Mobile Season 2 Update Leaks – Release Date 25 Nov 2019

The first-ever Season update is coming up in the new Battle Royale game that is Call of duty Mobile. Yes, I am talking about the COD Mobile Season 2 Update which is releasing on 25th Nov 2019 as stated in the COD Mobile Community Update Post on Reddit.

You can check that detailed post or continue reading and I will share some leaks that are going to be released in the Season 2 Update of Call of Duty Mobile.

COD Mobile Update News
COD Mobile Update News

COD Mobile Season 2 update Summary:

Here are some points summary, in short, that is coming up in COD Mobile Season 2 Update on 25th Nov 2019.

  • Zombies Mode Unlock
  • X-mass Theme included
  • New Multiplayer Mode Map “Summit”
  • Multiplayer Mode Map “Raid” is redesigned for X-mass
  • New Melee Weapon “Axe”
  • Circus camp included in the Isolated map
  • New Operator Skill in Battle Royale Mode.
  • And Much More in the Battle Pass rewards.

Once I get those updates and some extra info I will update it here, but till then enjoy all of the above upcoming updates in COD Mobile. I hope these updates will not bother this game performance.

Circus in COD new Map
Circus in COD new Map

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Let’s get started with these updates in COD Mobile Season 2 in detail and know more about them, picking up them all in the sequence as they are will be better.

Zombies Mode Unlock:

The Zombies are popular in any gun battle game, so why not COD Mobile should bring it in Battle. I know we all are waiting to unlock the Zombie mode in COD Mobile so that we can kill those Zombies. And on behalf of COD Mobile Season 2 Update, we will be getting the Zombie Mode unlocked with some new zombies.

Zombie Mode Unlocked
Zombie Mode Unlocked

I like the one which will be in Santa Claus costume a big fat Santa zombie. And some extra zombies like big creatures which look alike scorpion.

X-Mass Theme Included:

After the update only 1 Month to go for X-mass and before it or on the day of X-mass it is possible to add X-mass theme in this COD Mobile Season 2 Update. The center of this theme will be Raid Map in Multiplayer Mode. I hope they could add the same gifts in Raid Map of Isolated Battle Royale Map.

The X-mass theme in COD Mobile will bring Gifts, Santa Zombies, Iceman, etc. to the game and will also get some similar Camo for Guns and Wingsuit and Parachute also.

X-mass Theme in Raid Map
X-mass Theme in Raid Map

This also brings the winter map called Summit where we can see a Circus Camp in Battle Royale Mode. When you land in Summit you will find Ice all over the map in COD Mobile Season 2 Update.

New Weapons and Skills:

New Skills and Weapons are also updated in the COD Mobile Season 2 Update. Some of them are shared below:

  • Melee weapon “Axe”
  • Special Skill “Trickster”
  • Nuclear Bomb in MP mode.

These are very few updates but as I feel these were important to share so I included them here, you will be getting much more another skill set in Multiplayer mode and battle royale mode too.

New Melee Axe Weapon
New Melee Axe Weapon

You will also unlock the mechanic skill in score streak in Multiplayer mode from the COD Mobile Season 2 Update.

Talking about the Trickster Skill in Battle Royale Mode, this skill will be chosen before the match starts similar to a mechanic and other skills.

Trickster skill
Trickster skill

This skill will create a holographic moving image of your character to confuse the enemy and also help you in getting the clear footsteps of the enemy. So by using this skill you can easily distract your enemy and attack him from another side.

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