COD Mobile Challenge Event – Win up to 500C Coins and Rewards

What is the COD Mobile Challenge Event?

Today on this very start day of November 2019 COD Mobile announced some new things to all COD Mobile Players. That is COD Mobile Challenge Event, COD Mobile 10 Days Login Event and Some variation in the C Coin Store.

Now you will see 4 More weapons skins that you can buy even if you do not reach that level. I would love to prefer the sniper rifle named XPR-50 with Melon Skin which will be unlocked on level 80 if you don’t buy it in this Store.

The XPR-50 on Level 80 is black in color and you have to wait till you reach Level 80. So I am eagerly waiting to buy this Skin in just 1500 C Coins.

Now let’s move towards the Event Section one by one and complete each of the events. There is a total of 3 Events unlocked from today 1st Nov 2019 and these events will be valid for the next 13 days max.

Total Event Released and Their Date:

  1. Weekend  Challenge Event – Saturday & Sunday (Complete this COD Mobile challenge event as soon as possible)
  2. Rocket only Challenge Event – Valid till 7th Nov.
  3. Daily Login Event – Valid till 14th Nov.
Weekend Challenge Event
Weekend Challenge Event

In all of the above events, you must know these things; The COD Mobile weekend challenge event is only for 2 days, and daily login events will be rewarded till 10 days’ login and you can skip 3 days in between if you by mistake forget to login.

Rewards in Time Limited Daily Login Event:

  • 1 Cumulative Day Login – 100C
  • 2 Cumulative Day Login – 150C
  • 3 Cumulative Day Login – 1 Battle Crate
  • 5 Cumulative Day Login – Medic Melon Cam
  • 7 Cumulative Day Login – Mechanic Melon Camo
  • 10 Cumulative Day Login – MSMC (SMG) with Abnormality Camo
Daily Login Event Rewards
Daily Login Event Rewards

Also Complete Weekend Challenge by Killing 600 Enemies in MP Mode and Win up to 4 Battle Crates.

And to Get Rewards in Rocket Only Challenge you need to Play a total of 6 Rocket Only Challenge Matches and win 3 out of them. Also, kill 50 Enemies to complete this Challenge and get Rewards in this event. There are 2 Different COD Mobile Challenge Event one is for 3 days only.

There is no need to win 3 Out of 6 Matches and kill 50 Enemies in 6 Matches only in the Rocket only Challenge Mission.

Rocket only Challenge Event Rewards:

  • Play 2 Rocket only matches – Win 100C
  • Play 6 Rocket only Matches – Win 1 Battle Crate
  •  Win 3 Rocket only matches –  Win 100C
  •  Kill 15 Enemies in this event – Win 1 Battle Crate
  •  Kill 50 Enemies in this event – Win 150C
Rocket Only Challenge Rewards
Rocket Only Challenge Rewards

I hope you all will enjoy these 3 events in COD Mobile and play this game more. If you want to join me in COD Mobile, please find me on “MirzakingYT” this is my nickname in the COD Mobile game you can be my friend and play with me.

Well I am alone in this game and all my friends are busy playing PUBG Mobile but I also love this game so play COD Mobile More. Please comment if you have any queries regarding the COD Mobile Challenge Event or any other part of COD Mobile or PUBG Mobile and related Games.