Simple Tricks to Find and Use Vibrant Egg and Lucky Egg in PUBG Mobile [100% working]

What is Lucky Egg and Vibrant Egg:

Hello PUBG Players, Today we are going to discuss the Vibrant egg, and Lucky Egg that is “PUBG mobile new update on easter”. How to find those Eggs? How to use them, what is the condition to use them? Let’s get Started.

As we all know PUBG Mobile launched their Update 0.12 on 17th April with Easter Theme. In that Theme, they have given Lucky Eggs and Vibrant Eggs to Collect from the Map. You can Collect them to create one Premium Lucky Crate coupon and Win Exiting Collections. But Lots of Players are still confused about how to use the Eggs before the new update.

Let me tell you a Spoiler is out for new PUBG mobile update v0.12.5 you can check out here.

These Eggs can be found during the gameplay and they are collected in the inventory as lucky eggs and vibrant eggs. You can use them directly from the Inventory but cant use Lucky eggs directly from the Inventory box. To identify Lucky Eggs “Lucky Eggs change their color after a certain period of time.”

How to find Lucky Egg?

Lucky Eggs! As the name suggests itself as a rare item, so you must land in the game with your better luck. These Lucky Eggs are so rare that the player must be so lucky to find them. You have to search for each and every place where you left searching. I found one egg in the small wooden tower.

You can try Sanhok Map as there is much more possibility to get ester lucky egg than other maps. When you start searching and you get one lucky egg then remember you are the really lucky one that you get a lucky egg so early.

Lucky Egg hunt

These lucky eggs are certainly hidden in the corner of house/buildings, a place where you never think of searching for a gun. Like you can search every sack in your route, every tower, and each room of the building you enter.

If you think you can borrow the egg if your partner has found one then you might be right just try to get it and return him. If you are really very lucky then you might get one. But you can not get the egg from any players crate. As you know your friend has one egg and you kill him to get one, sorry then, you can’t do that.

How to find Vibrant Eggs?

As you already know about the lucky egg now let’s find the Vibrant Egg in Game. The Vibrant eggs are more easy eggs than lucky eggs, if you try to find them you will get much of them. You can also find these Vibrant eggs in Limited time mode “zombie mode”

vibrant eggs how to use

These Vibrant Eggs are usually found inside the buildings in regions such as Pochinki in Orange, Boot Camp in Sanhok and etc. However, it is possible for you to find Vibrant Eggs in random buildings if you search every corner of that building as I mention for Lucky eggs. The players can also find these Vibrant Eggs in the EvoGround Maps — ”Survive Till Dawn II’ and ‘ Zombie: Darkest Night”.

How to Use Ester Lucky Egg?

As mentioned above, these lucky eggs cant be used directly from the inventory. But don’t worry, you can use them for crates in the Events section. Under that section ‘Springtime Lucky Eggs’, you can see the option to use these lucky eggs to get a BP crate in exchange. This crate lets you earn between 150 to 300 Battle Points in exchange of 5 Lucky Eggs.

If you manage to collect more than 5 eggs like 100 of lucky eggs then you might get a pistol skin, chicken outfit or other stuff from the crate. It is not so good prize instead of these Lucky eggs but if you want to try then you can keep them all until the season end. Once the deadline is near PUBG Mobile might launch some new stuff for you and you can earn them in exchange of your eggs.

How to use Ester Vibrant Eggs?

Lucky and Vibrant eggs give you near about similar points in exchange for eggs. You can Earn a Battle Points Crate in exchange for Vibrant Egg. If you can collect more eggs then you can also exchange them for some temporary gun skin or temporary Outfit.

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