New PUBG Mobile Update V 0.12.5 | Releasing on 17 May 2019 [Spoiler]

Pubg Mobile Update v 0.12.5 Spoiler:

Hello Friends, Hope you are doing well with the Latest PUBG Mobile Update that was recently released on 19th April 2019. This Pubg Mobile Update V 0.12.0 was predicted to be launched with lots of new things in it but unfortunately, we did not get all of them in the update things we all expected.

Season 7 is Coming on 17th May 2019. But don’t worry you will see a new update as per the scheduled time table of Tencent which we all know is on 17 to 20th of every month. As you might have seen that current Season 6 will end on the 16th of May so it is expected that PUBG Mobile will Bring the New Update and New Season Items on 17th of May 2019.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile Update v 0.12.5?

Things you can expect that will come in PUBG Mobile New Update 0.12.5 are:

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  1. Male Voice in the quick chat
  2. Pet (White Pigeon) was expected in v 0.12.0
  3. A Real Chicken Dinner for Winner.
Latest PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.5 [Spoiler]
Latest PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.5 [Spoiler]

Real Chicken Dinner to the Winner in PUBG Mobile:

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As you can see the 3 expected Updates may come in the new update as they are already provided with 0.12.5 beta Version you can download it here. And one more thing that I forgot to mention is “Lots of Glitches are also coming” So be prepared and wait for the new glitch that can surprise during the gameplay.

Ok That was funny but I really didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feeling just hope PUBG Mobile Company will hopefully Launch their this new version with new Season 7 without or Fewer glitches.

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Let’s Talk about the 0.12.5 Update in Detail:

  1. Male Voice: As Per my Knowledge or I play pubg from last 8-9 Months I know that there is only female voice available for all of us but in next update and season 7 there will be the male voice that we have heard in Counterstrike if you have played it ever. I remember that is quite similar to the male voice which was in counter strike.
  2. Pet (White Pigeon): I don’t understand the additional Pet in PUBG Mobile Game because we are happy with what we have in this game but the funny part is rather than focusing on glitches we are facing Tencent Gaming is busy in adding Pets in the Game. Hope this Peigon help you in the game to scare the zombies… You can get a pet which will be with you on your shoulder. You need to feed that Peigon so that it will upgrade and don’t know what will happen.
  3. Real Chicken Dinner: Yeh!! the real one. This Item in a new update made me so much happy because whenever I played and won my friends used to tease me where are you Chicken dinner. But now you will get an option to show them the Real chicken Dinner. In this when you win the match you get some time to go back to your lobby in this time period you will see a chicken option on the right side of your screen. And when you click on that option you will see the bonfire with chicken and Drinks around that you can enjoy with your teammates.

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