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FreefireSkin – Garena Free Fire Skins and Characters for Free 2020

First-ever legal and real offer for FreefireSkin by Gaming with prime that is a collaboration of Garena Free Fire with the Amazon company. If you know Amazon has a gaming section where you can Claim Gaming Coupons if you are a prime member.

Claim Free Fire Skin and Character gifts

This FreefireSkin offer is for Amazon Prime Members only – You can have free Skin/ Free Characters/ Free Character Vouchers on daily login

Gaming with Prime Offer – FreefireSkin

You will be getting the following things on logging into your Free Fire account with the Amazon Prime account. Check out the date and list of items you can claim on that date.

Please take a screenshot of this table given below.

ValidityFree Item
30/07/20 to 13/08/20 :Character: Miguel
13/08/20 to 27/08/20 :Character Lvl 4. Card
27/08/20 to 10/09/20 :Backpack: Dancing Panda
10/09/20 to 24/09/20 :Costume: Blue Assassin Set
24/09/20 to 08/10/20:Character: Misha
08/10/20 to 22/10/20 :Character Lvl 4. Card
22/10/20 to 05/11/20 :Backpack: Cutesy Dragon
05/11/20 to 19/11/20 :Costume: Enforcer Bundle
19/11/20 to 03/12/20 :Character: Maxim
03/12/20 to 17/12/20 :Character Lvl 4. Card
17/12/20 to 31/12/20 :Backpack: Baby Clown
31/12/20 to 14/01/21 :Costume: Succubus Bundle
New Characters in Free Fire for Free

How to Claim these Free Rewards in Free Fire?

Follow these steps below to Claim your Free Fire Skins and Rewards from Amazon. Follow the gif instruction, you will find the right way to get these remaining rewards on time.

How to claim content

Time Required 10 minutes

Step 1: Go to In-Game Events

First of all Open your Free Fire Game and then go to Events section

Step 2: Open Mystery Creates

Inside the event section look for Mystery Creates and click to open it.

Step 3: Login With Amazon

The Create opening will ask you to login with Amazon Account. Login With your Amazon Prime Account and Claim your Gift.

Notice: You can use any amazon account with any Free Fire account but you can use it only once. and If your amazon Prime subscription ends during this period you will not be able to claim the rewards.

You will have lots of benefits if you purchase the Amazon Prime membership like the following:

Benifits of being Amazon Prime Member